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Embracing digital tools to streamline the transition to value-based care

ThoroughCare is the February 2022 app of the month

Value-based care promotes and enables a worthwhile aim: to improve patient health outcomes and reduce care costs. However, it has introduced new challenges for medical providers since value-based care ties compensation to performance metrics. This can negatively affect financials if providers fail to meet or exceed standards. Making the transition to value-based care has proven difficult for many organizations, due to overworked clinicians and software limitations.

That’s why we’re proud to partner with ThoroughCare, who offers a comprehensive care coordination solution that can streamline the transition to value-based care. But before we get into the value of ThoroughCare, it’s important to truly understand the healthcare trends that can hinder organizations’ financial success if not addressed properly.

New normal: Alternative payment models influence revenue

Value-based care and alternative payment models are here to stay. Health systems, physician groups, and accountable care organizations (ACOs) have to adapt and implement plans to meet the requirements of this new normal. A recent survey of more than 500 U.S. healthcare executives found that 99% project their organizations will derive a share of revenue from alternative payment models by 2023. Without a comprehensive strategy to implement these models, providers could struggle to maintain a competitive advantage or adapt their processes quickly.

To meet, or exceed, core value-based performance metrics, clinicians will need effective tools to increase their capacity to coordinate care programs. Providers and their staff will need to do more with less to contain costs and deliver greater value to those they serve. Without an effective tool to streamline clinical operations, organizations could face the continued risk of staff burnout and gaps in care, both of which can also affect patient care.

ThoroughCare offers a digital solution to help providers implement value-based care

Care coordination solutions are cost-effective and enable providers to implement value-based care. This solution from ThoroughCare can minimize guesswork and streamline time-consuming tasks through automation, easing staff burnout. It can also simplify complex wellness programs that improve health outcomes, increase patient engagement and reduce overall care costs. By centralizing communication and tracking care activities, clinicians have a more holistic record of service. Lastly, it serves as a focal point to collect patient vitals through remote monitoring devices and analyze patient data across populations.

ThoroughCare provides clinician-friendly care coordination software that revolves around a patient-centered care plan. This enables a personalized approach to value-based care, offering patients a tangible roadmap to address specific care concerns and goals. ThoroughCare’s solution features automated workflows, ensuring staff and providers can streamline their processes efficiently and effectively. It can enable general care coordination services or simplify the administration of several value-based care programs offered by Medicare. Lastly, ThoroughCare’s integrated healthcare analytics platform can help providers visualize and interpret patient data in real-time and address operational inefficiencies. Nearly 600 clinics and physician practices use ThoroughCare to improve patient health outcomes, engage thousands of patients in their own care and streamline their organizations’ transition to value-based care.

Streamlining the transition to value-based care with ThoroughCare

View the webinar that took place on Feb. 24, 2022, to learn how Allscripts clients are using ThoroughCare to embrace alternative payment models and enable their organizations to implement and drive value-based care.

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