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Healthy living starts in our community

This week marks National Public Health Week, an important time to appreciate the hard work of public health workers everywhere. While National Public Health Week focuses on “strengthening communities,” today is also World Health Day, which has chosen “building a fairer, healthier world for everyone” as this year’s theme. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted social and health inequities around the world and it’s clear that everyone will need to play a role in creating a better world as we move forward.

At Allscripts, we understand healthy living starts in our communities and that our role in healthcare extends beyond our health IT solutions. Our GiveBack program is dedicated to building stronger and healthier communities through volunteering and giving back. In celebration of these themes, I’d like to share a few updates on our GiveBack activity so far this year.


  • Earlier this year, we were proud to announce that Allscripts is now an official ambassador and partner for Nurse Heroes. Nurse Heroes provides scholarships for nurses to either begin nursing school or complete higher-ed certification programs for medical career advancement.


  • Associates from all over the globe participated in virtual Wear Red Day. Each associate who participated generated a donation for the American Heart Association, the Heart Foundation (Australia), the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, or the British Heart Foundation.


  • Allscripts recently donated a self-service blood pressure kiosk to local community health center in Durham, North Carolina.


  • Last month, our office in Raleigh, North Carolina, hosted a socially distant blood drive. In recognition of our March Animal Welfare theme, Allscripts made a donation to a local animal rescue organization in North Carolina for each person that participated in the blood drive.


  • Finally, I’m thrilled to announce that five women from Allscripts will be participating in STEM Goes Red. This American Heart Association initiative aims to close the gender gap in the STEM fields by connecting young women with mentors and providing them with resources to help them succeed. Later this month we will share videos from the Allscripts mentors, during which they discuss their experiences in STEM careers.

I’m so excited for the work we’ve already accomplished this year and look forward to the rest of 2021! If you’d like to learn more about our GiveBack program and the impact we made in 2020, you can read our first annual corporate social responsibility report here.

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