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4 ways mobile patient engagement can assist millennial patients with their health

4 ways mobile patient engagement can assist millennial patients with their health

Patient engagement is a two-way street: Healthcare organizations must provide resources to keep their patients involved while patients must actively use those resources.

Mobile patient engagement strategies can be especially helpful for doctors trying to keep younger patients healthy.

Millennials display an alarmingly low level of engagement with physicians. Only 68 percent of millennials have primary care physicians compared to 91 percent in Generation X. For providers to connect effectively with millennials they must keep up with the rapidly evolving digital environment.

At the same time, millennials are so mobile-savvy that when they need answers about their health, they expect to find them using a smartphone.

Here are four ways that millennial patients can save time and prevent headaches thanks to mobile health updates.

1. Easy access

Health information delivered directly to a patient via text removes the frustrating journey to access test results. This way, a patient doesn’t waste time driving to a facility for information or logging in to a portal. Instead, the information appears on their mobile device. Less hassle and less time wasted equals a greater chance that the patient is engaged in their health experience.

 2. A stronger patient-provider bond

A patient’s information is so important to them that we can strengthen the patient-provider bond when we provide it to them accurately and with ease. It’s one important way a provider becomes a trusted partner to patients.

If patients know they can rely on timely, accurate updates from a provider, they’re less likely to move to another doctor. They are also more likely to follow treatment plans.

 3. Less stress while waiting

Mobile updates cut out the waiting period between when results are available and when a patient can access them. Results delivered right to the patient creates an instant interaction. This can save a patient from the stress of waiting for test results.

 4. Convenient billing reminders

Helpful reminders about medical bills enable patients to organize their finances and pay outstanding balances from their mobile device. This gives the patient an upper hand on planning financial resources and saving for upcoming balances.

Mobile health updates enable patients to access updates on their care as quickly as possible. These patient-friendly interactions bond patients to their healthcare providers and increases patient retention.  Millennials stay engaged in their health and have the added benefits of stress reduction and financial planning.

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