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NextNow – Recovering the health of your practice’s revenue cycle

In this issue, read about revenue cycle management optimization, which is critical for providers currently recovering from financial losses brought

COVID-19: Weathering the crisis, shaping the future of care delivery

We explore solutions that meet the current pandemic head-on, discuss how they shape healthcare delivery for good.

Raising the success of your practice

Physician practice managers know that it takes much more than technology to successfully navigate today’s increasing cost pressures.

Next Now: Top Healthcare Apps of 2019

The Allscripts Developer Program builds a culture of innovation by reducing barriers and risk associated with installing and using innovative

Next Now: Reducing Clinician Burden

A human factors approach considers how humans interact with technology and seeks to improve HIT usability.

Patient Safety: 20 Years After “To Err is Human”

Thought leaders from across the healthcare industry examine how shifting to patient-centered care has helped organizations across the country sustain

How understanding social determinants can deliver community wellness

What has all of this got to do with the treatment of conditions such as diabetes? Well, quite a lot

Allscripts Next Now Interoperable Future eMag
Next Now: An Interoperable Future

Full interoperability already exists, and with it comes the capacity to seamlessly share and integrate patient information across care pathways.

Beyond Usability

eMagazine Beyond Usability Published 12/18/2018 Health IT has come a long way over the last decade, but is it truly…

Top 9 Apps of 2018

eMagazine Top 9 Apps of 2018 Published 12/18/2018 As the healthcare industry changes, the need for smarter technologies increases. One…

Hello, Consumer

eMagazine Hello, Consumer Published 11/01/2018 This issue provides insight into how the healthcare industry is communicating with patients as they…

Digital Transformation in the UK

eMagazine Digital Transformation in the UK Published 10/01/2018 Reaching digital maturity is critical for ensuring care is comprehensively delivered with…

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