Allscripts offers comprehensive portfolio of products that provide access inside and outside of the walls of your organization.
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Products and Solutions

Allscripts offers comprehensive portfolio of products that provide access inside and outside of the walls of your organization.

Patient Engagement

Allscripts FollowMyHealth Universal Health Record combines the value of a personal health record with the power of a patient portal to enable connectivity of the Health Information Exchange (HIE).


Allscripts EPSi is a complete, integrated budgeting, financial decision support and long-range financial planning solution developed to ensure a stronger financial future in a value-based care world.

Electronic Prescribing

Allscripts ePrescribe Deluxe enables your practice to streamline operations and ultimately better serve patients.

Care Management

Allscripts Care Management simplifies and consolidates utilization management, discharge planning, outpatient care management, documentation integrity, quality management and risk management.

Practice Management

Allscripts Practice Management introduces effective and efficient workflows to your practice to generate more money and achieve a healthier bottom line.

Revenue Cycle Management

Allscripts Payerpath delivers revenue cycle management solutions and services that integrate with any practice management system, with advanced compatibility with Allscripts Practice Management.

Patient Flow

Allscripts Patient Flow is an enterprise-wide patient flow management solution that automates complex and labor intensive operational processes — from bed management to transport and turnover.

Homecare Management

Allscripts Homecare is a fully integrated home care system for both large and small homecare organizations that automates processes from patient intake to billing and accounts receivables.

Health Record Management

Allscripts TouchWorks EHR offers automated clinical decision support at the point of care, a configurable clinical desktop, and nearly 800 clinician-reviewed Care Guides to drive effective and efficient patient care.

Patient Referral Management

Allscripts Referral Management enables home health agencies, hospice agencies, and post-acute care facilities to track all patient referrals in a single system.

Small Practice EHR

Allscripts Professional EHR is a certified solution for small to mid-size practices looking to connect with the community and improve clinical, operational and financial outcomes.

Practice Performance Management

Allscripts Practice Performance enables practices to monitor, track and immediately respond to issues impacting their financial and operational performance.

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Population Health Solutions

  • Population Health Management
  • dbMotion Collaborate
  • dbMotion EHR Agent
  • dbMotion Clinical Analytics Gateway
  • FollowMyHealth
  • FollowMyHealth Achieve

Electronic Health Records

Meet Meaningful Use with advanced clinical solutions that save time, manage information and improve patient care. Allscripts offers EHR solutions for all care settings, including:

  • Allscripts Professional EHR for small to mid-sized physician practices
  • Allscripts TouchWorks EHR for large, multi-specialty physician practices
  • Paragon® for smaller hospitals serving a single IDN and community facilities
  • Sunrise Acute Care EHR for hospitals and health systems

Mobility Solutions

Take advantage of the latest in mobile devices matched with intuitive user-experience innovation. Allscripts offers mobile clinical solutions for all care settings, including:

  • Allscripts Wand for physician practices
  • Sunrise Mobile MD II for physicians in acute care settings
  • Sunrise Mobile Care for nurses in acute settings
  • Netsmart Mobile Homecare for post-acute organizations

Physician Practices

Allscripts provides solutions that help physician practices ensure complete documentation to improve outcomes and optimize reimbursements.

Core Clinical Solutions

  • Allscripts Professional EHR™
  • Allscripts TouchWorks EHR™
  • Allscripts Prenatal™
  • Allscripts Remote™
  • Allscripts Wand™
  • Electronic Prescribing
  • Document Management

Core Financial Solutions

  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Allscripts PM™
  • Allscripts Payerpath™
  • Allscripts Revenue Cycle Management Services™

Patient Engagement Solutions

  • FollowMyHealth®
  • FollowMyHealth Achieve
  • Care In Motion Engage

Analytics and Insights Solutions

  • Allscripts Practice Performance™
  • Clinical Quality Solution™

Hospital and Health Systems

Allscripts provides solutions to help hospitals and health systems thrive despite market challenges, while delivering improved quality and margins.

Core Clinical Solutions

  • Allscripts Blood Bank
  • Allscripts Cart Controller
  • Allscripts® Claims Administrator
  • Allscripts Compliance Advisor™
  • Allscripts Equipment Tracker
  • HealthQuest™
  • Allscripts Intelligent Coding™
  • Allscripts Lab™
  • Allscripts Passport™
  • Allscripts Pathways Contract Management™
  • Allscripts Pathways Healthcare Scheduling™
  • Allscripts Tissue Manager™
  • Allscripts Sunrise™
  • Allscripts Surgical Manager™
  • Allscripts® Quality Management System
  • ORSOS One-Call™
  • STAR™
  • Sunrise Acute Care EHR™
  • Sunrise Ambulatory Care™
  • Sunrise Critical Care
  • Sunrise Mobile Care
  • Sunrise Mobile MD II
  • Sunrise Surgical Care™
  • Sunrise Emergency Care™
  • Sunrise Pharmacy™
  • Knowledge-Based Medication Administration
  • Sunrise Radiology
  • Sunrise Patient Record
  • Sunrise Oncology
  • Sunrise Rehabilitation
  • Sunrise Wound Care
  • Sunrise Chronic Care Management

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Business Operations

  • Allscripts® Human Capital Management
  • Allscripts® Supply Chain Solutions
  • Allscripts® Fiscal Management
  • Allscripts® Point of Use Supply
  • Sunrise Financial Manager
  • Allscripts Surgical Logic
  • Allscripts Infusion Logic
  • Allscripts Census Logic
  • Allscripts Charge Logic

Care Coordination

  • Allscripts Care Management
  • Allscripts Care Director

Post-acute Care Organization

Allscripts provides core clinical solutions to help home health agencies, hospice agencies and post-acute care facilities ensure patients receive the care they need outside the hospital.

  • Allscripts Homecare™
  • Allscripts Homecare Mobile™
  • Allscripts Referral Management™

Analytics and Performance Solutions

  • Allscripts Patient Flow
  • Allscripts EPSi
  • Allscripts Clinical Performance Management
  • Allscripts Population Health Analytics

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