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Financial Management

Manage your practice. Build your future. Learn how Allscripts Financial Management solutions get you there

Revenue Cycle Management Services

Your practice’s financial health is as important as the care you deliver. Our revenue cycle management solutions and services integrate with any practice management system.

Allscripts® Revenue Cycle Management Services is a unique administrative and financial management solution that applies a fully integrated, end-to-end approach to improve your operational efficiencies, optimize your revenue cycle and ensure that you get the most out of your IT investment.​

Budgeting and Strategic Planning

Today’s value-based care environment puts more pressure on you to drive efficiency and squeeze down costs. From fine tuning processes to negotiating contracts, our full suite of integrated budgeting, financial decision support and long-range planning solutions help you build a strong future. Allscripts EPSi™, the most complete solution for budgeting, financial decision support and long-range financial planning, is used by 14 of the top 18 hospitals in the U.S.​

Claims and Remittance Management

Allscripts will help you build a healthy financial core while accelerating patient payment. Handle every step in the reimbursement cycle, from eligibility verification through patient collection. It’s all possible with simple tools that currently process millions of transactions per year. Allscripts Payerpath® is an Internet-based suite of solutions that addresses every step in the reimbursement cycle.​

Practice Management

Keeping your practice humming isn’t easy. Allscripts Open-platform practice management solutions help you put optimal workflows in place. From managing referrals and appointments to collecting payment, your practice can operate at its best, and respond quickly to issues that affect performance. You gain a healthier bottom line and a bright future.

Allscripts® Practice Management boosts office efficiency and productivity by creating electronic workspaces for appointment and patient flow, collections, claims, denial management and transaction management.

Allscripts Practice Performance™ enables practices to monitor, track and immediately respond to issues that impact their financial and operational performance.

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Why we chose Allscripts

“Family Practice Associates has always been a very independent organization and wants to remain that way … It’s important for us to be as efficient as possible and to be at the forefront of new emerging payment models. Allscripts is helping us to do that.” – Craig Gillespie, Family Practice Associates practice administrator

“I can provide better care to patients because I have better data.” – Jeff Foxx, M.D., Family Practice Associates founder and CEO

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