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Allscripts values partnerships with an open approach

As we deliver the future of health care — connected communities of health, providing shared access to patient information across every setting — partnerships are an instrumental component of our strategy to deliver innovative solutions and a great client experience. Allscripts Open architecture enables great partnerships as it connects both clinical and financial data across every setting: from the provider to the hospital to post-acute settings and even the patient’s home.

Visit the Allscripts Application Store for a complete list of developer partners building integrated and innovative tools for Allscripts users.  Nearly 200 certified applications and devices are available today and several in development. To learn about other companies building apps for Allscripts products, please view our Authorized Integrators.

Do you want to build and market applications that integrate with Allscripts solutions?

The Allscripts Developer Program (ADP) provides registered, approved client and third party members with software development kits (SDKs) to develop applications using our Allscripts Web Services and integrate with various Allscripts applications. Learn more


Industry Affiliations

Industry affiliations are an integral part of the Allscripts community. The relationships we have with leading industry associations provide even greater access to our solutions. Learn more about our industry memberships.

Note on legal relationship with "Partners": All members of the referenced "partnership" programs are independent contractors and nothing on this site or elsewhere shall be construed to imply the existence of a legal partnership (or joint venture, employer-employee, or principal-agent relationship) between Allscripts and any such member. "Partner" and "partnership" are used as informal terms only. Allscripts is not liable for products or services provided directly by its partners, even if partners are certified or trained by Allscripts. Partners may be required to pay fees to Allscripts to be a member of a partnership program and/or for certain marketing activities.

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