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Why Allscripts Patient Engagement?


Allscripts FollowMyHealth® is a mobile-first, enterprise patient engagement solution for providers, hospitals and health systems that would like to promote healthy patient populations and manage quality.  

Serving the ambulatory and acute care environments, FollowMyHealth is a customizable patient engagement platform that helps organizations adapt to the evolving healthcare environment, by redefining how healthcare professionals interact with their patients.  

We believe the solution to ambulatory and hospital patient engagement is simple: create an experience where patients can participate actively in their care on the devices that they use every day.  

Allscripts technology enables timely and relevant conversations that make the patient an active part of their care. Our customers are equipped to deliver a patient experience that includes personalized content throughout the entire care journey—dramatically improving the quality of care, improving outcomes and increasing patient satisfaction.

FollowMyHealth in Action

Find out Heritage Medical Associates uses email visits to save patients time and money, and improve outcomes with care that reaches them where they are.

Find out how Nicklaus Children’s Hospital uses FollowMyHealth to go beyond the patient portal and reach patients where they are, improving care outcomes.

Learn how Macoupin Family Practice uses FollowMyHealth for patient messaging, scheduling and e-visits, enabling them to improve patient satisfaction and practice efficiency.

Learn how FollowMyHealth helps you meet your patients where they are with the information they need to empower themselves in their own care.

Why our clients love partnering with us

Together with our clients, Allscripts experts partner to achieve desired outcomes and change what’s possible.

Success Stories

Nicklaus Children’s Health System

FollowMyHealth is helping us push the envelope by putting vital information in the hands of patients and their families via the consumer technology they use every day—cellphones, mobile apps and text messaging.


Ed Martinez, CIO & SVP
Nicklaus Children's Hospital

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