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         Allscripts 3D Implementation Strategy Rolls Out Full
            EMR Functionality to 100 Physicians in 30 Days

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions (Nasdaq:MDRX), the leading
provider of clinical software, connectivity and information solutions
that physicians use to improve healthcare, announced today that The
George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates (MFA) group
has implemented the full suite of TouchWorks(TM) EMR functionality for
over 100 physicians in less than 30 days by leveraging the Allscripts
3D(TM) implementation strategy. MFA demonstrated that with determined
executive leadership and physician commitment, EMRs can be implemented
rapidly and effectively, even in very large practices.

“Given our location in the heart of Washington, DC, the many
high-profile patients we treat, and the Bush Administration’s emphasis
on developing electronic health record systems, it was imperative that
this group practice take a leading role implementing a full electronic
medical record,” said Stephen Badger, Chief Executive Officer of the
GW Medical Faculty Associates. “This full EMR functionality has
enabled our physicians to enhance the overall patient care provided
while also reducing administrative burdens and the potential for
medical errors. This technology will certainly help our organization
to be more efficient and patient friendly.”

With 400 physicians, fellows, and medical students already
successfully using the document management and lab result viewing
capabilities of TouchWorks, MFA made the decision to implement the
full EMR. While EMR implementations have traditionally taken between
18 and 36 months, MFA implemented the full EMR for their entire
Department of Medicine in 30 days using the Allscripts 3D strategy. A
rapid implementation process based on years of successful TouchWorks
implementation experience and refined with Six Sigma principles, 3D
addresses the core phases of successfully implementing TouchWorks:
Design, Develop and Deliver. These three phases are critical
components of the greater partnership Allscripts maintains with
clients, which includes engaging clients in the sales process,
preparing for implementation and continuous advancement once
physicians are using the software. This strategy also extends beyond
the implementation phase by optimizing continuous use and advancement
of the TouchWorks solution. The roll out plan incorporated aggressive
hands-on education, both in-person and using newly developed virtual
training modules for self-review. MFA plans to use this 3D process to
drive increased utilization of the full TouchWorks EMR throughout the
rest of the organization.

The Abreon Group, a specialty consulting firm that focuses on
change management, technology adoption and productivity improvement,
which is certified to train on all TouchWorks applications, further
accelerated the implementation process by providing on-site education.
Howard Schapiro, President of The Abreon Group, said, “The MFA
experience demonstrates how the Allscripts and Abreon teams can
provide the best of all worlds: a rapid EMR roll-out that benefits
patients and physicians.”

“Speed in implementation leads to more rapid physician adoption,
which in turn leads to faster realization of safety and quality
benefits for patients and a more substantial recognition of a return
on investment for the organization,” noted Glen Tullman, Chief
Executive Officer of Allscripts Healthcare Solutions. “With so much
attention to the electronic medical record coming out of Washington,
DC, we’re especially pleased to partner with the MFA, only a few
blocks from the White House, as they demonstrate real action and
positive progress in making talk into reality.”

MFA has integrated the TouchWorks EMR with their existing IDX
Flowcast practice management solution from IDX Systems (Nasdaq:IDXC).
Through a strategic alliance between Allscripts and IDX, the
integration of TouchWorks and Flowcast directly links clinical,
administrative and financial activities that drive operational

About The George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates

The George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates (MFA)
is a non-profit, academic multi-specialty medical group practice in
Washington, D.C. Currently, with more than 270 doctors and 41 medical
specialties, the MFA is the largest multi-specialty and most
comprehensive physician practice in the District. MFA is conveniently
housed in a 316,000 square foot facility, treating an average of 1,500
patients a day and also has a VIP Executive Center for Healthcare
where they treat some of the nation’s top leaders. Visit for further information on the practice.

About Allscripts Healthcare Solutions

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions (AHS) is the leading provider of
clinical software, connectivity and information solutions that
physicians use to improve healthcare. The Company’s TouchWorks(TM)
software is a modular Electronic Medical Record (EMR) that enhances
physician productivity by automating the most common physician
activities including prescribing, dictating, capturing charges,
ordering labs and viewing results, providing patient education, and
documenting clinical encounters. TouchWorks is available on the latest
Tablet PCs, wireless handheld devices, desktop workstations and over
the Internet. AHS also offers electronic document imaging and scanning
solutions through its Advanced Imaging Concepts subsidiary.
Additionally, AHS provides healthcare product education and market
research programs for physicians through its Physicians
Interactive(TM) unit and medication fulfillment services through its
Allscripts Direct(TM) unit. Visit AHS on the Web at

Strategic partners include IDX Systems (Nasdaq:IDXC); IMS Health
(NYSE:RX); Microsoft; Hewlett-Packard Company; and Medco Health.

This announcement may contain forward-looking statements about
Allscripts Healthcare Solutions that involve risks and uncertainties.
These statements are developed by combining currently available
information with Allscripts beliefs and assumptions. Forward-looking
statements do not guarantee future performance. Because Allscripts
cannot predict all of the risks and uncertainties that may affect it,
or control the ones it does predict, Allscripts’ actual results may be
materially different from the results expressed in its forward-looking
statements. For a more complete discussion of the risks, uncertainties
and assumptions that may affect Allscripts, see the Company’s 2003
Annual Report on Form 10-K, available through the Web site maintained
by the Securities and Exchange Commission at

    CONTACT: Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Contacts:
             Dan Michelson
             Chief Market Officer
             847-680-3515, Ext. 4330

             Paul Peterson
             Senior Marketing Manager
             847-680-3515, Ext. 4475

    SOURCE: Allscripts Healthcare Solutions
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