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Native Integration of Software will Deliver Enhanced Clinician Workflows, More Complete Patient Records and Lower Total Cost of Ownership

ATLANTA, Apr 19, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) –Eclipsys Corporation (NASDAQ: ECLP) today announced that Health Care Systems, Inc. (HCS) intends to join the Helios by Eclipsys(TM) application developer program to give Eclipsys(TM) clients the opportunity to enhance medication reconciliation workflows while lowering the total cost of technology ownership. By integrating HCS’ Medication Reconciliation software on the Helios by Eclipsys(TM) platform, HCS plans to offer Eclipsys clients the option to eliminate costly interfaces and obtain a more consolidated view of the patient’s complete prescription history record — ever important as organizations work to meet the expected “meaningful use” requirements of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009 (ARRA).

Native Integration to Reduce Keystrokes and Create a Unified View of Prescription History

HCS Medication Reconciliation software is designed to simplify the process of reconciling a patient’s medication therapy across the continuum of care. The company possesses differentiating business relationships with retail pharmacies, insurance companies, pharmacy benefit managers and Medicaid that enable its software application to capture and deliver to hospital clinicians a patient’s prior medication history, including medication fill and refill information, along with a complex master patient index to verify identity. These and other capabilities are a great benefit to medication management safety, especially if the patient is brought to the emergency room unconscious, or is otherwise unable to accurately convey their current medication therapies.

Today hospitals using both the HCS Medication Reconciliation software and Eclipsys’ Sunrise Enterprise(TM) electronic health record (EHR) must click on a separate tab to view the patient’s HCS-provided retail prescription history and then rekey that information into the Eclipsys EHR. Building HCS’ software in an integrated environment on the Eclipsys platform will serve to combine the patient’s prescription history into one central location within the Eclipsys EHR for enhanced access to a more complete medication record while reducing keystrokes.

“Our 25-plus years of experience developing medication management solutions and our concentration on medication history reconciliation for the past five years, has allowed Health Care Systems to develop a robust product uniquely designed to integrate with a hospital’s workflow and improve the quality and efficiency of a very complex process,” said Dwight Henderson, RPh, chief executive officer of Health Care Systems, Inc. “Helios by Eclipsys(TM) is the perfect platform to allow healthcare organizations to choose a product to meet their specific workflow and process needs. We’re excited about the opportunity to integrate with the open platform to provide tools that enhance workflow and improve patient care.”

Support for Expected Interoperability Requirements of ARRA

In many instances, clients will be able to leverage the HCS solution to augment the inpatient prescription information delivered by Eclipsys’ own medication reconciliation tools within the Sunrise Enterprise solution. The combination of advanced medication reconciliation capabilities from HCS and Eclipsys also can support Eclipsys clients in meeting the expected interoperability requirements of ARRA, which include the ability to conduct electronic prescribing and communication of dispensing status.

“Working with HCS to make its prescription history information easily available in our Sunrise Enterprise solution will provide invaluable continuity of patient data for clinicians,” said Phil Pead, president and chief executive officer of Eclipsys. “This combination of information from disparate systems is exactly the kind of collaborative and game-changing effort we had in mind in opening our platform to other healthcare information technology providers. Together we can provide our clients new capabilities that extend Eclipsys’ robust core functionality in an integrated environment, reducing complex interfacing requirements and improving clinician workflow simultaneously.”

About Helios by Eclipsys(TM)

Packaged with the new release of Sunrise Enterprise 5.5, the Helios by Eclipsys(TM) open platform and the ObjectsPlus/XA(TM) development technology create a solid, integrated foundation for improved performance across the enterprise while promoting the ability to leverage new technologies and extend the use of existing legacy systems. This release of Sunrise Enterprise 5.5 represents the most significant uplift to Eclipsys’ leading EHR solution and is specifically crafted to help healthcare organizations in meeting the expected “meaningful use” requirements of ARRA, and achieving Stage 7 in the HIMSS Analytics EMR Adoption Model.

About Health Care Systems, Inc. (HCS)

Health Care Systems, Inc. specializes in medication management within hospital information systems. This is provided through its pharmacy information systems, integration capabilities and electronic medication administration record, uniquely positioning HCS to bring integration, efficiency and accuracy to one of the most crucial areas of patient care medication management. HCS utilizes the latest client server technology with support for major database management systems and has been very successful integrating with other systems within the health provider industry. Over 100 interfaces are currently available for patient, clinical and financial information. Additional information is available at

About Eclipsys

Eclipsys is a leading provider of advanced integrated clinical, revenue cycle and performance management software, clinical content and professional services that help healthcare organizations improve clinical, financial and operational outcomes. For more information, see http://www.eclipsys.com or email

To view more about Helios by Eclipsys(TM), see

Statements in this news release concerning the benefits provided by Eclipsys and third-party software and development are forward-looking statements and actual results may differ from those projected due to a variety of risks and uncertainties. The open platform initiative is new and untested in the market, and integration of third-party systems will require additional development. Results depend upon a variety of factors and can vary by client. Each client’s circumstances are unique and may include unforeseen issues that make it more difficult than anticipated to implement or derive benefit from Eclipsys software or services. The success and timeliness of the company’s services will depend at least in part upon client involvement, which can be difficult to control. More information about company risks is available in recent Form 10-Q and 10-K filings made by Eclipsys from time to time with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Special attention is directed to the portions of those documents entitled “Risk Factors” and “Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations.” Eclipsys, Helios by Eclipsys, Sunrise Enterprise and ObjectsPlus/XA are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Eclipsys Corporation (or its subsidiaries) in the United States and certain other countries. Other product and company names in this news release are or may be trademarks of their respective companies.

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