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    RENO, Nev.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 27, 2004--

  TouchScript.NET Trial, m-Health Show Bring E-Prescribing into More
                           Doctors' Offices

As an outreach to private group practices concerned with the costs
of automation, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions (NASDAQ:MDRX) today
announced a joint effort with Cisco Systems (NASDAQ:CSCO) to provide a
30-day free trial version CD of TouchScript.NET(TM) to all attendees
of the National Conference on m-Health and EOE. Networking leader
Cisco and Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, the leading provider of
clinical software, connectivity and information solutions that
physicians use to improve healthcare, will distribute copies of this
CD at Allscripts Booth #212 on the convention floor. Copies may also
be obtained by calling 866-261-8952, or via the TouchScript website at

Allscripts and Cisco recognize the critical importance of helping
physicians evolve their practices to mobile health and the electronic
order entry processes. Prescription administration remains one of the
largest, paper-based processes in the country, with estimates of more
than three billion prescriptions written annually. This non-automated
prescription processes is also highly inefficient and susceptible to
errors. The TouchScript.NET solution, accessible via the Internet with
industry-leading security features, enables physicians to quickly
prescribe, check for drug interactions, access medication histories,
review drug reference information, and send prescriptions directly to
the pharmacy.

“We’re excited to be leading the expansion of healthcare
information technology by using e-prescribing to help physicians take
their first steps towards full clinical automation,” commented Glen
Tullman, Chief Executive Officer of Allscripts Healthcare Solutions.
“This free trial of the industry’s leading e-prescribing software will
encourage physicians to evaluate e-prescribing and understand the
value of this technology without financial risk, removing a
significant barrier to adoption.”

Attendees at the mHealth Conference will receive a CD-ROM with a
downloadable, 30-day trial version of TouchScript.NET and
documentation for Cisco Medical Grade Network, a common architecture
designed to meet the unique requirements of healthcare organizations.
To use TouchScript.NET, a practice just needs a personal computer. For
interested practices, TouchScript.NET also works with hand-held
connectivity into a wireless network. Practices that decide to keep
writing prescriptions electronically can purchase the system at a low
subscription cost.

“Our goal with this collaborative solution, which is enabled by a
highly secure wired or wireless Cisco Medical-Grade Network, is to
showcase the power of e-prescribing by easily and cost-effectively
putting this capability into the hands of more physicians,” added
Jeffrey Rideout, M.D., vice president of Cisco’s Internet Business
Solutions Group (IBSG) and Medical Director for Health Policy and
Benefits. “Cisco, in working with both the public and private sectors,
is committed to help break down the business and technology barriers
to enable widespread e-prescribing adoption among physician groups of
all sizes.”

“We saw a real need for a cost-effective system for smaller
practices who are concerned with the cost of automating their
traditional paper systems,” said John Nebergall, Vice President,
e-prescribing for AHS. “TouchScript.NET takes the e-prescribing
features of Allscripts’ proven TouchScript product and provides an
easier entry-point into the world of e-prescribing.”

About the Products

TouchScript(R) is the industry’s trusted and leading e-prescribing
software and the most widely used solution in the United States today.
Thousands of physicians have written millions of prescriptions using
TouchScript because no other solution is faster, safer or more
reliable. Available on wireless Pocket PC’s, desktop, laptop, or
Tablet computers, physicians can access TouchScript securely via the
Internet to quickly prescribe, check for drug interactions, access
medication histories, review drug reference information, and send
prescriptions directly to a pharmacy safely and securely from
virtually anywhere. TouchScript helps clinicians increase patient
safety, reduce pharmacy callbacks and improve office efficiency and is
designed as the first module of a complete electronic medical record.

Cisco’s Medical-Grade Network helps enable healthcare providers to
build a common platform for the deployment of business productivity
functions and the seamless delivery of device and location-independent
applications – all supported by centralized administration and
maintenance. The Medical-Grade Network addresses the special needs of
the healthcare organization’s 24×7 work environment, characterized by
a network that is Responsive, Highly Protected, Resilient and
Interactive. Cisco will promote this solution through its
small-to-medium business channels, which will be available with
pre-defined network definitions consisting of Cisco hardware and
optimized for different practice settings.

About mHealth

The m-Health and EOE Conference, held October 26-28, 2004, at the
Reno Hilton in Reno, NV, is co-sponsored by CafeRx, whose founding
members include Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Capgemini, Cisco
Systems, HP, Microsoft, the National Council for Prescription Drug
Programs (NCPDP), NDCHealth, RxHub, and SureScripts. To encourage the
adoption of ePrescribing, CafeRx will provide payers and physicians
with successful strategies and best practice models; offer extensive
information on ePrescribing through its Website
(; launch programs to educate physicians and
their office staffs about the value of ePrescribing; and support
lobbying efforts that urge federal and state governments to incent the
adoption of ePrescribing and electronic medical records.

About Allscripts Healthcare Solutions

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions (AHS) is the leading provider of
clinical software, connectivity and information solutions that
physicians use to improve healthcare. The Company’s TouchWorks(TM)
software is a modular Electronic Medical Record (EMR) that enhances
physician productivity by automating the most common physician
activities including prescribing, dictating, capturing charges,
ordering labs and viewing results, providing patient education, and
documenting clinical encounters. TouchWorks is available on the latest
Tablet PCs, wireless handheld devices, desktop workstations and over
the Internet. AHS also offers electronic document imaging and scanning
solutions through its Advanced Imaging Concepts (AIC) subsidiary.
Additionally, AHS provides healthcare product education and market
research programs for physicians through its Physicians
Interactive(TM) unit and medication fulfillment services through its
Allscripts Direct(TM) unit. Visit AHS on the Web at

Strategic partners include IDX Systems; IMS Health; Microsoft; HP;
and Medco Health.

TouchWorks, Physicians Interactive and Allscripts Direct are
trademarks of Allscripts Healthcare Solutions. Visit AHS on the Web at

This announcement may contain forward-looking statements about
Allscripts Healthcare Solutions that involve risks and uncertainties.
These statements are developed by combining currently available
information with Allscripts beliefs and assumptions. Forward-looking
statements do not guarantee future performance. Because Allscripts
cannot predict all of the risks and uncertainties that may affect it,
or control the ones it does predict, Allscripts’ actual results may be
materially different from the results expressed in its forward-looking
statements. For a more complete discussion of the risks, uncertainties
and assumptions that may affect Allscripts, see the Company’s 2003
Annual Report on Form 10-K, available through the Web site maintained
by the Securities and Exchange Commission at

    CONTACT: Allscripts Healthcare Solutions
             Dan Michelson, 847-680-3515 Ext. 4330
             Paul Peterson, 847-680-3515 Ext. 4475

    SOURCE: Allscripts Healthcare Solutions
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