Interoperability, precision medicine and client success featured in Continuum

2015 has been a year of great promise and progress for the healthcare industry. The recent announcement of Meaningful Use Stage 3 will strengthen efforts toward health data exchange in the United States. True interoperability will enable more predictive, personalized approaches to health care, such as precision medicine.

We’re sharing industry insights and client outcomes through our magazine, Continuum. Highlights in the second issue include:

  • Executive Insight: CEO Paul Black on Achieving the Promise of Health IT. What the industry can do to advance interoperability and a call to stop data bullying.
  • Delivering Care When Every Minute Counts. How St. Clair Hospital’s emergency department reduced waiting times with Allscripts Sunrise™.
  • Q&A: The Rise of Precision Medicine.  Senior Vice President Assaf Halevy describes how technology will help hasten this emerging field into health care’s mainstream.
  • 10 Creative Ways to Improve Patient Portal Enrollment. Engaging patients requires thinking outside the box.
  • Battling Chronic Disease with Data. How Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR client MediSync helps medical practices earn national recognition for chronic disease management.
  • Advancing Personalized Medicine with an Open Health IT Market. Chief Innovation Officer Stanley Crane sees a huge opportunity for Health IT to improve patient care through open systems.

To view an online version of Continuumclick here or subscribe to Continuum here. If you’re an Allscripts client with a success story to tell, share it with us at


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