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Pharma and Life Sciences

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Provider Engagement

Allscripts connects you with providers at the point of care. Using the power of our Open platform technology, we collaborate with our pharmaceutical and life sciences partners to create programs and content – from in-workflow advertisements to evidence-based decision support and formulary services – and promote them to Allscripts participating providers. By engaging providers at the point of care as they seek to improve patient outcomes, you are offering them the right information at the right time.

Medication Adherence

To encourage medication adherence, patients need to understand why it’s important to take their medication as prescribed and how it can help them. They also may need a little financial help. Allscripts integrates tools throughout our platforms to boost patients’ compliance with their prescribed treatments, such as personalized medication information and electronic coupons.

Clinical Trials

Allscripts offers robust technology and service capabilities to help you reduce the costs of clinical trials while improving recruitment, retention and time to market. Available programs include trial feasibility and design analysis, site selection, patient matching, recruitment, and observation and monitoring.

Real World Evidence

Allscripts empowers life science companies to make optimal real-world evidence (RWE) decisions based on Allscripts data that represents the largest ambulatory dataset from U.S.-based primary care physicians and specialists along with claims data from Allscripts Payerpath® claims clearing house.

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