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Employer Health Programs

Upgrade your wellness program

Electronic Health Records

More and more businesses are offering workplace clinics to their employees. Employers like you are doing this to improve access to care, reduce lost time and productivity, control health spending, and promote wellness and preventative care. You need the same high-quality EHR solution that any ambulatory clinic does. Allscripts Professional EHR™ makes it easy to operate more efficiently through every stage of care and administration, aligning your clinical, financial and operational goals.

Consumer Engagement

With Allscripts FollowMyHealth® patient engagement platform, employers can design wellness initiatives to target specific health goals. You can engage your employees, so that you and your employees work together toward a common goal – improving employee health. With Allscripts as your partner, you might be surprised by how much you can improve your organization’s productivity, decrease absenteeism and reduce overall medical costs.

Employer Health Programs Solutions

Allscripts Professional EHR™ is an Open-platform EHR solution that offers intuitive daily planning and provider tools that streamline patient flow. You’ll be able to easily monitor appointments, treatment plans and lab results from a single dashboard. Mobile workflows extend the capabilities to support the mobile nature of providing care. Robust content and a reliable infrastructure make Professional EHR the right choice for employer-sponsored clinics and wellness programs.

Allscripts FollowMyHealth® is a sophisticated patient engagement platform that integrates seamlessly with any EHR system to give your employees controlled access to their patient record to help them better manage their care.

FollowMyHealth Achieve™ uses consumer wireless technologies and the FollowMyHealth platform to engage your employees directly in their ongoing care management.

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