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Clinical Research Organizations

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Find Your Ideal Sites

You have to find the right providers to find the right patients. With Allscripts, you have the ability to assess hundreds of thousands of providers to determine which are most likely to have patients that meet the unique criteria of your trial. And, with the breadth of providers in our network, you’re more likely to find them. 

Engage the Physicians

It can be difficult for physicians to keep abreast of all the work your teams are doing to bring new treatments to market. Allscripts technology and services solutions can help you engage the right providers for your trial. We can also help those physicians identify patients who meet your unique criteria, shortening the timeframe to identify the right patients.

Recruit the Right Patients

The patient has been identified. What comes next? Who will call them, schedule their appointment and make sure they follow up? Allscripts can help. Our services offering works directly with physicians for outreach, scheduling, validation and recruitment.

Drive Compliance

Your protocol isn’t part of the physician’s usual workflow, and it can be difficult for them to remember specifically what they need to do. Allscripts technology allows you to embed clinical decision support specific to your trial within their Allscripts EHR workflow – reminding them of your study’s protocols, but only for the patients who are participating.


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