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To thrive today, and to define health care tomorrow, organizations across the care community must work together. At Allscripts, we are leading the way.

Health care doesn’t begin and end with providers and patients. Allscripts is the only company bringing all of the stakeholders together. By collaborating with payers, health plans and programs, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, and employers, we gain a wider view of the care process. And we use that perspective to create innovative tools that lower costs and improve care.

  • Health Plans, Payers and Pharmacy Benefit Managers

    You’re a key part of the care team. Allscripts solutions are designed to capture the information you need, from prior authorizations to quality reporting and medical record sharing. It’s all integrated to streamline processes, improve operations, and strengthen ties with providers and members.

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  • Pharma and Life Sciences

    You’re at the forefront of healthcare innovation. At Allscripts, you’ll find partners who will work with you to inform and educate the care community about your offerings. And we’ll deliver offerings that help you improve adherence through education and financial assistance.

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  • Employer Health Programs

    You know that keeping your employees healthy keeps your business healthy, too. Our powerful, Open-platform solutions supercharge your health programs and make it easy to track their impact.

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  • Clinical Research Organizations

    You want to innovate to improve the lives of patients. At Allscripts, you’ll find technology and service solutions to help you bring your innovations to market more quickly, using today’s leading technology.

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