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Precision Medicine

What you need to know about precision medicine

Precision medicine is a healthcare game changer for clinicians and the patients they serve. Now, an individual’s unique genetic makeup, environmental factors, lifestyle and family history can be factored into new protocols for an accurate diagnosis, personalized disease treatment and prevention planning.

A fully-owned subsidiary of Allscripts, 2bPrecise™ brings the power and promise of genomics and precision medicine directly into the clinical workflow, while establishing the foundation for trial and research.

Our solutions feature:

  • The 2bPrecise Precision Medicine Knowledge Hub, an advanced technology that integrates and harmonizes precision genomic, clinical and lifestyle data – critical to clinical implementation and research enablement.
  • The 2bPrecise Cross Clinical-Omics Ontology, which provides access to this knowledge via meaningful machine learning, in the context of the clinical condition.
  • In-workflow 2bPrecise Precise Interventions, which work seamlessly and agnostically with the caregiver's preferred EHR to facilitate the best diagnostic and treatment decisions.

The 2bPrecise team brings 20 years of expertise in clinical ontology mapping and data exchange. This expertise allows us to apply new genomic data models in a sensible way – to deliver the right information to the provider at the right time, while creating “research-ready” data to support a variety of objectives.

Our efforts span a wide range of diseases and conditions, including cancer, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, renal disease, neurodevelopmental disorders, and more.

2bPrecise brings the intelligence and insights of precision medicine seamlessly to the workflow of the clinician – for better diagnoses, treatments and outcomes – while simultaneously making this knowledge available for research and pharmacogenomics.

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