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Population Health Management

Bring it all together simply and powerfully, with Allscripts CareInMotion™ population health management platform

Allscripts CareInMotion™ is a powerful, comprehensive, community-connected population health management platform that delivers care coordination, patient engagement, connectivity and data aggregation, and analytics. With the CareInMotion suite of solutions, hospital leaders can manage care transitions, coordinate care teams and engage patients – every aspect of the population health management equation.

We partner with you to address your organization’s distinct population health priorities with targeted solution sets:

  • Powerful intelligence and insights with Allscripts Analytics
  • Industry-leading semantic interoperability with the dbMotion™ health information exchange platform
  • Multifaceted care coordination tools, Allscripts CareInMotion Care Transitions and Care Team Management
  • Enhanced patient engagement with the industry’s only vendor-agnostic patient engagement platform, Allscripts FollowMyHealth® 


The staggering impact and cost of chronic diseases on our healthcare system requires a powerful solution to identify and continuously monitor high-cost, high-priority populations for chronic disease management at the point of care.

The Allscripts Population Health Analytics™ solution enables healthcare organizations to measure performance and outcomes, analyze utilization, manage risk, reduce cost and improve quality across the continuum of care. Our overarching analytics capabilities likewise give you the financial and clinical intelligence you need to make the right decisions for your patients, your organization and your community.

Connectivity and Data Integration

Patient health information can be scattered across many systems, in different settings, throughout the care continuum. The dbMotionhealth information exchange platform solves this problem, aggregating and harmonizing data from Allscripts and non-Allscripts source systems. The dbMotion Solution delivers the information clinicians need in a usable and actionable format at the point of care, within the provider’s native and familiar workflow.

Care Coordination

To deliver great patient care, providers throughout the community must communicate and collaborate. Our robust care coordination tools are at the heart of CareInMotion, making seamless information sharing possible. CareInMotion Care Transitions brings powerful technologies together to manage transitions between levels of care, reducing readmissions, strengthening networks and optimizing revenue. And with the CareInMotion Care Team Management solution set, it’s easy for providers to see the relevant patient information, develop a solid care plan across the care team, collaborate on the plan’s execution, track outcomes and address gaps in care. That’s good for everyone.

Patient Engagement

Health care no longer begins and ends at the hospital door. Modern healthcare consumers understand the benefit of engagement, and they expect to be active participants in their care. FollowMyHealth, the EHR-neutral cornerstone of the Allscripts patient engagement solution, gives your teams the tools to reach patients directly with ongoing communication, effective education and regular interaction. You’ll see patient engagement – and patient health – improve.

Why we chose Allscripts

“Not only do patients get mammography results right away, but we import that information into the EHR so the primary care provider can see it, too. Again, that continuum of care, with follow-up care and preventive care, is key. By using Allscripts, we can keep track of that whole patient account.”

Population Health Management Solutions


Allscripts Population Health Analytics™ integrates data from across your organization to help analyze dependencies, trends and patterns. Our data-driven applications take the guesswork out of your operation’s clinical and financial performance, enabling you to measure performance, boost outcomes, analyze utilization, manage risk, reduce costs and improve quality. We help you achieve your goals by producing simple, clear business and clinical intelligence.

Connectivity and Data Aggregation

The dbMotion™ Solution aggregates data from disparate source systems, harmonizes the information, and delivers it in a usable and actionable format at the point of care, within the provider’s native and familiar workflow. We connect EHRs from a range of vendors to create a longitudinal patient record. Providers simply click the dbMotion button on their screen to view information in the clinical data repository. Access to this complete picture supports better clinical decision making in the exam room and at the bedside, and allows providers throughout the community to effectively coordinate and manage care.

dbMotion™ EHR Agent means clinicians don’t need to search for patient information that might exist outside of their native EHR – it comes directly to them. When information not found in a clinician’s EHR shows up in the wider community record, EHR Agent alerts the user. Providers can view, assess and import the information to support clinical decisions and care delivery.

dbMotion™ Collaborate offers Web-based functionality that provides clinical teams with a broader view of their patients – within their day-to-day workflow. It allows organizations to view and filter patient lists based on provider-specified criteria for encounters, clinical documents, imaging and labs for a single patient or for multiple patients.

Allscripts Clinical Analytics Gateway™ lets organizations use broad-based analytic strategies of their choosing. With the Clinical Analytics Gateway, clinical analytics are built on top of harmonized data and aggregated across the connected community to enable better population management and risk assessment.

Patient Engagement

Allscripts EHR-neutral patient engagement tools let patients and their families stay connected to their physicians and become active members of their own care team. Our products integrate with solutions across your operation regardless of clinical information software – streamlining processes and enabling better patient care.

Allscripts FollowMyHealth® makes it easy for patients to stay connected by removing barriers that discourage interaction – like requiring them to log into and out of multiple portals tethered to the different EHRs used by various providers. Patients have a single point of access regardless of an individual provider’s software. Plus, discrete patient-generated data flows directly back to the EHR to automatically populate the medical record.

FollowMyHealth Achieve™ uses consumer wireless technologies and the FollowMyHealth platform to engage patients directly in the ongoing management of their care. Achieve enables providers to remotely monitor how well patients are complying with their care plans, step in when a patient is struggling, and help the patient get back on track toward improved outcomes and better health.

With FollowMyHealth Telemedicine, the newest patient engagement tool from Allscripts, providers are able to conduct secure e-visits with asynchronous messaging.

Level 1 Support is Allscripts contracted patient support center for help with FollowMyHealth, ensuring patients get accurate information about the system, and all incoming calls are answered.

Patient Engagement Consulting Services (PECS) bring experienced Allscripts consultants on site to educate and inspire your team through training and materials designed to make patient engagement part of their daily routine.

Care Coordination

Allscripts CareInMotion™ care coordination solution sets improve safety and quality as patients transition from one care facility to another and move among multiple care teams. In such a complex environment, visibility into an individual’s care plan is a critical part of delivering the right care, in the right place and at the right time.

CareInMotion Care Transitions draws from the capabilities of Allscripts® Care Management and Allscripts® Care Director and incorporates the industry’s leading ambulatory-to-ambulatory referral management platform, par8o.

CareInMotion Care Team Management enables you to coordinate care across the continuum like never before. This solution set draws upon the Care Director and dbMotion technologies.

Care Management is a single Web-based platform that simplifies, streamlines and optimizes care management processes within the hospital and across multiple settings. Care Management facilitates 12 million referrals annually, which equates to 27% of the electronic acute/post-acute referrals in the U.S. 

Care Director helps clinicians manage high-risk patients while capturing data to measure improvements in the care process and patient outcomes. Clients from coast to coast currently use Care Director to coordinate care for their high-risk patients, closing gaps and reducing preventable readmissions.​

Allscripts® Referral Management tracks patient referrals in a single system and accepts referrals within minutes – eliminating missed or delayed referrals.

Allscripts Patient Flow™ is an enterprise-wide management solution that automates complex and labor-intensive operational processes, from bed management to transport and turnover.

Allscripts dbMotion™ Solution aggregates data from disparate source systems, harmonizes the information and delivers it in a usable and actionable format at the point of care, within the provider’s native workflow.

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