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Electronic Health Records

Experience the power of connection, through the most comprehensive suite of EHR solutions on the market

Hospitals and Health Systems

Allscripts Sunrise™ is a fully integrated platform that connects all clinical and financial aspects of a hospital or health system for inpatient, emergency and outpatient care. Our Open, scalable platform is the backbone for continuous client and developer innovation that rapidly evolves along with regulatory and best practice workflows. From computer physician order entry and medication management to financial solutions and analytics, Sunrise supports all the core care venues with a single platform and single patient record – across inpatient, ambulatory, emergency and other high-acuity venues.

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Paragon is an integrated EHR and financial/administrative solution for smaller hospitals serving a single IDN and community facilities. Fully configurable to support multiple deployment models, Paragon ensures your organization’s specific needs are met. With robust, physician-centric workflows built around up-to-date patient data, Paragon supports an array of critical functions, from the operating room to the back office. The suite also includes lab analytics, blood bank and content management solutions as well.

Ambulatory Clinics

Sunrise™ offers a complete Ambulatory Care solution for outpatient care that allows physician practices to operate more efficiently through every stage of care and administration. For patients with complex conditions who need ongoing care in more than one setting, Ambulatory Care helps provide informed, efficient decision-making and monitoring. Physicians and clinical staff use the same user-friendly tools across outpatient and inpatient rather than having to learn multiple systems.

Learn about Allscripts newest Sunrise offering and extend the power of Sunrise through your operating room doors.

Built on the Sunrise™ EHR platform, Sunrise™ Surgical Care expands the power of Sunrise beyond the OR. With Sunrise Surgical, patient information is stored in a single, continuously updated record.

The right information, the best care.

From OR scheduling to post-operative treatment plans, Sunrise Surgical helps with clinical, financial and operational alignment across the enterprise by ensuring that everyone has the right information, moment by moment.

Realize clinical and financial excellence

Integrating the Anesthesia Information Management Solution, iPro Anesthesia™ from iProcedures, with Sunrise Surgical Care, provides easy-to-use anesthesiology workflows. These workflows are built by and for anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists for full clinical integration of orders, medication, history, documentation and medication administration record.

Why we chose Allscripts

“Because acute is so closely aligned with our ambulatory care, it’s much easier to get the patient immediately into one of our clinics to make sure we meet CMS requirements. The Allscripts suite of products is helping us improve our care coordination.”

Electronic Health Record Solutions

In addition to inpatient facilities and ambulatory clinics associated with hospitals, Allscripts also provides the following modular solutions:

Emergency care. When time is of the essence, you need the right patient data, right away, in an easy-to-use format. Sunrise™ delivers an intuitive and efficient clinical experience, facilitates great patient care and improves patient throughput.

Perioperative care. The power of Sunrise extends through the operating room doors, with a continuously updated single patient record across the enterprise and mobile anesthesia integration. Finally, your clinical, financial and operational activities are aligned, both in and out of the OR.

Wound Care. Sunrise™ Wound Care powered by TRUE-See™ helps clinicians maintain comprehensive interdisciplinary wound assessment, treatment and care planning documentation for inpatient and outpatient settings. With this new offering, TRUE-See’s embedded image-capture software provides Allscripts® clients with the tools required for accurate wound care documentation and analysis.

Mobile applications for doctors and nurses. Sunrise keeps all your team members responsive at the point of care with mobile applications for both physicians and nursing staff. Key workflows, medication management and more, all from a smartphone or tablet.

Health Information Management. Sunrise™ Health Information Management is an integrated solution offered through our partnership with Hyland OnBase. It gives clinicians and staff access to the content they need from within Sunrise to support collaboration, simplify chart completion and minimize manual data entry, while helping you meet compliance requirements.

Laboratory Information System (LIS)-Allscripts Lab™ is a comprehensive set of tools that helps manage laboratory operations while maintain the balance of patient and financial health.

Patient Engagement. Allscripts FollowMyHealth®, an EHR-agnostic patient engagement platform, integrates seamlessly with all systems across your organization. We provide patients with controlled access to a single comprehensive and managed patient record – regardless of the location of their most recent procedure or doctor’s visit – and tools to help them better manage their care.

Accessible via a Web browser or the mobile app (iOS and Android), FollowMyHealth’s user-friendly navigation and convenient self-serve functions encourage patients and families to participate in their care with their healthcare team – leading to increased patient satisfaction, reduced costs and improved outcomes.

Post-Acute Care

Allscripts recognizes the importance of post-acute care in today’s patient-centric environment. And because your challenges are unique to hospitals and health systems, you need an EHR platform that helps you effectively transition patient care from the acute setting to the next level of care, while keeping the focus on patient safety.

Part of Allscripts CareInMotion™, our industry-leading population health platform, Allscripts® Care Management for acute settings and Allscripts® Referral Management for ambulatory settings enable you to successfully transition your patients from one setting to the next.

Our robust Allscripts Homecare™ solution, available through our partner Netsmart, offers comprehensive functionality that automates processes from patient intake to billing and accounts receivable. Seamlessly combine your business, clinical and scheduling functionality for multiple business segments, including home health, hospice and private duty.

Current Homecare clients: Beginning Sept. 10, 2016, Netsmart will provide all Homecare support. Please direct any questions and support-related inquiries to and 888-782-2615.

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