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Allscripts ePrescribe offers a comprehensive electronic prescribing workflow that is considered the industry’s easiest-to-use e-prescribe option, all designed to ensure you and your patients are covered every step of the way.

  • Prevent medical errors.
    Instant checks on drug interactions, dosage levels, and patient-specific factors including prior adverse reactions.
  • Quick and easy-to-use.
    Online prescribing is easier than a script pad.
  • Private and secure.
    Patient information is protected by privacy and security measures. This includes prescriber authentication.

Because Allscripts already has the pharmacy and pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) connections, the content for interaction alerting, and a leading workflow—your providers won’t even know they’re using a product from a different company. With our various ePrescribe solutions, Allscripts offers you:

  • Reliable and cost effective integration through web portal access, or at the API level.
  • A flexible API that allows you to choose the best integrated workflow for an optimal provider experience, including branding support.
  • An experienced integration engineering team that works directly with your development team to assure a predictable integration.
  • Dedicated support to help you develop and drive an integration plan that supports your resource availability and business needs.

ePrescribe Integrated

ePrescribe Integrated helps system developers and vendors quickly add electronic prescribing functionality as if it was customized and developed within your EHR system through web portal access or at the API level. It is ideal for you if:

  • Your EHR does not support or have all e-prescribing capabilities necessary to keep up with regulatory changes, achieve certifications, retain current customers and even help with new system sales
  • You want to dramatically reduce your development costs or do not have the resources to internally build and support e-prescribing   

ePrescribe Integrated is designed for specialty EHRs that want to seamlessly add the industry’s best solutions for e-prescribing and an entire suite of related solutions:

  • Controlled substance e-prescribing
  • Electronic prior authorization (ePA)
  • Patient access services for specialty medications
  • Medication adherence support tools

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ePrescribe Deluxe

With ePrescribe Deluxe, you’ll receive additional support and surrounding workflows to strengthen your e-prescribing efficiencies. The ePrescribe Deluxe solution offers additional capabilities to streamline your prescribing workflow, and is ideal for you if:

  • You prefer live customer support.
  • You want to avoid re-entering patient demographic information.
  • You’d like access to a premium medicine research library.
  • You’d like support for electronic prior authorizations or electronic prescribing of controlled substances.
  • You’re invested in complying with state e-prescribing mandates.

ePrescribe Basic

With ePrescribe Basic, you’ll benefit from the leading e-prescribe workflow. The capabilities allow you to virtually eliminate phone calls and faxes while streamlining the prescribing workflow. It is ideal for you if:

  • You want to prescribe medications electronically.
  • You want the easiest-to-use option on the market.
  • You want access to your patients’ medication histories and formularies.
  • You want automatic interaction checking.

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