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Patient Safety:

20 Years After "To Err is Human"

Perspectives on improving patient safety

Twenty years ago, a comprehensive report was published that called to the forefront of the healthcare industry the need to reduce medical errors. The report, “To Err is Human,” demonstrated that nearly 2-4% of deaths in the United States were caused by avoidable medical errors. The publication sparked an evolution in healthcare, one that focused on patient-centered care—and more than anything—better patient safety.

In our new eMagazine, “Patient Safety: 20 Years after ‘To Err is Human,’” thought leaders from across the healthcare industry examine how shifting to patient-centered care has helped organizations across the country sustain a deeper culture of patient safety. By implementing strategies such as optimizing health IT usability, advocating on behalf of patients and supporting healthcare workers, patient safety continues trending upward—leading to better outcomes.

Each section of the publication features topical insights from healthcare leaders:

Optimizing health IT for patient safety
Patient-centered care requires us to take a close look at how we can use technology to improve patient safety. Learn more from ECRI Institute and Allscripts physicians.

Creating and sustaining a safety culture
Continued progress with patient safety will follow a strong commitment to make it part of our organizational culture. Learn more from safety experts from Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), American Hospital Association and Methodist Hospital of Southern California

Driving meaningful outcomes
Reducing medical errors comes from a steadfast commitment to patient safety, enhanced by the right technology tools. Learn about how organizations are driving outcomes with sepsis, medications and precision medicine.

Supporting the healthcare workforce
National patient safety goals include recognizing how medical errors affect those that work in health IT. Learn more from MedStar Institute for Innovation, Northwell Health’s Usability Lab and Allscripts user-centered design team.

Partnering with patients for the safest care
Being a patient advocate means collaborating with everyone to drive patient safety, which includes nurturing patient engagement. Learn more from patient advocates from across the industry.

Additional patient safety resources:

American Hospital Association
ECRI Institute
Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)
Methodist Hospital of Southern California
National Center for Human Factors in Healthcare
MedStar Institute for Innovation
MedStar Health Research Institute
Northwell Health’s Usability Lab
Partnership for Health IT Patient Safety
UH Patient Family Partnership Council
World Health Organization


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