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Emag discusses healthcare's top challenges
Healthcare’s top challenges are no match for Allscripts Developer Program Partners

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic exposed longstanding issues within the healthcare industry. In 2021, health-IT organizations offered answers to these…

Pharmacists utilize pharmacy tools for patient care
Three tips to alleviate ongoing supply chain struggles

COVID-19 has caused major disruptions to the global supply chain, and the healthcare industry is no exception. According to a…

Five questions to consider when selecting a revenue cycle analytics application

Making the right technology investments is crucial to the financial health of your practice—and the health of your patients. I’ve…

Too many phone calls, not enough staff

Although I try to be as self-sufficient as possible online, I inevitably end up calling or talking to many practices…

Pediatric care
Effectively transitioning adolescent patients to adult healthcare

Turning 18 is a big life milestone. For many, it means heading off to college, entering the workforce or leaving…

Who benefits the most from your payer contracts?

In my last blog, we learned how to identify varying populations within your practice and why it’s important for your…

Medicine is about care, not clicks

Patients have always looked to clinicians for help and reassurance when it comes to their health, and the COVID-19 pandemic…

Cybersecurity: Rebuilding after an attack

Editor’s Note: This article was written in collaboration with Allscripts patient safety experts Dr. Geoff Caplea (CMO, Veradigm) and Richard…

Nurses analyze patient data in EHR Software platform
De-risking Springfield Clinic’s revenue cycle management transformation with a trusted partner

The healthcare industry is an enigma. On the one hand, the pace of advancements in research, diagnosis and treatment continues…

Giving back: On the global scale

Earlier this month, Allscripts launched its inaugural 2021 Global Impact Event. Historically, this event was known as Global Impact Day…

Clinician practices value based care
Tackling social determinants of health in an independent physician practice

Social determinants of health (SDOH) are receiving more attention in the health policy world than ever before, even as many…

Why Googling your health issues is not the best idea

Search engines are perceived as having all the answers. So it’s no surprise that we turn to the internet when…

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