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The Children's Clinic

Increasing practice efficiency with CHADIS

Like many busy pediatric physician practices, The Children’s Clinic is always looking for ways to improve efficiency and maximize the time patients and providers spend together during an office visit. Five years ago, the practice began using CHADIS, which stands for Comprehensive Health and Decision Information System. The application is a unique screening, decision support and patient engagement system that integrates with Professional EHR’s open platform.

More effective pre-visit planning

With CHADIS, patients can complete questionnaires electronically before their appointments. CHADIS scores the questionnaires and automatically returns results to patient charts in Professional EHR. The Children’s Clinic no longer manually administers, scores and uploads results to Professional EHR.

The practice can use a wide variety of questionnaires – such as the ASQ-3™, M-CHAT-R™, Vanderbilt Assessment Scales and others – that CHADIS automatically sends to patients based on the child’s age and visit type. CHADIS helps collect information on nutrition, sleep, exercise and other health and safety topics.

“We have been using CHADIS for 5 years. The recent interface between Allscripts Professional EHR and CHADIS has had a positive impact on our clinic.”

Key Outcomes

  • More efficient data collection: An increasing number of patients are completing questionnaires prior to their visits
  • Excellent return on investment: Annual reimbursement revenue from four common questionnaires is more than 8X the organization's investment in CHADIS
  • Integrated data with EHR: Within 18 months, CHADIS and Professional EHR have achieved more than 620,000 data shares

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