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Springhill Medical Center

Ready for the future with an integrated platform

Springhill Medical Center is a privately-owned, full-service hospital serving southwest Alabama. For more than 40 years, the organization has taken pride in providing superior patient care with outstanding staff and state-of-the-art technology.

Collaborating to develop Sunrise Financial Manager

Allscripts developers worked onsite with Springhill teams to develop features and functionality for Sunrise Financial Manager. The comprehensive financial solution is designed to adapt to new reimbursement models and offer full revenue cycle functionality, including revenue capture, billing and receivables management.

Sunrise Financial Manager automates financial transactions and offers streamlined workflows to assist with error correction for more accurate information. And because it aggregates clinical outcomes, revenue, cost and reimbursement data, Springhill will be better positioned to make well-informed operational decisions. When Springhill implemented the 17.3 release of Sunrise Financial Manager in May 2018, it enjoyed enhanced features, such as new dynamic work queues that enabled billers to move items on and off task lists efficiently.

“When it comes to health IT, our CEO Jeff St. Clair sees the big picture. He understands the value of having an integrated clinical and financial platform... He knew that to be ready for the future, we'd need to combine them onto a single platform.”

Encouraging early results

The organization exceeded its goals for key performance metrics. For example, the target was to have 24% of Accounts Receivable (AR) at less than 90 days, and Springhill achieved 22% in 2018. Springhill’s target net days in AR was less than 45 days, and the organization averaged 43 days in 2018. These results beat a national benchmark for AR, which is an average of 47.8 days. Days Not Final Billed came in at an average of 4.84 days in 2018, below the target of 5.50 or fewer days.

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