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Health Central Hospital

Tissue Manager improves compliance and tracking

Health Central Hospital manages an inventory of tissue for several hundred surgical procedures each year, from spinal procedures, to orthopedic joint repair, to skin grafts. Its Materials Management department orders and receives the tissue for the hospital’s main operating room (OR), surgery center and outpatient wound care center. Altogether, the teams track about 3,500 implanted items every year.

The organization turned to Allscripts Tissue Manager (formerly Horizon Tissue Manager) in 2015 to replace fragmented, manual processes. The electronic system helps the team improve patient safety, regulatory compliance, identification of tissue expiration and charge capture.

Reducing waste with Tissue Manager

Health Central Hospital is now better able to proactively manage its tissue inventory. Color-coded screens and alerts help notify staff when an item is about to expire, which helps the hospital to return and exchange consignment inventory back to tissue banks or vendors before expiration.

”We have a lot of tissues – almost 200 in the last two months for example – and now we can track them all electronically and see what is being used…It’s simple when you have Tissue Manager.”

Key Outcomes

  • Tracks materials from point of receipt to implantation, meeting requirements for The Joint Commission and FDA
  • Tissue Manager helped reduce the amount of inventory lost to expiration from an estimated 20% to 2%
  • Barcode scanning capabilities reduce the chance of manual error, save time and give nurses more confidence

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