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Revenue cycle, managed: Southfield Pediatrics transforms financials with Allscripts solutions

Southfield Pediatric Physicians, P.C. (Southfield Pediatrics) is a general pediatrics practice with two locations in the Metro Detroit region. Some of the organization’s biggest challenges were staffing up and bringing efficiencies to its billing office. To improve the overall revenue cycle—and the practice’s ability to provide excellent patient care—practice manager Rebecca Bowring knew technology could help transform financial operations.

The organization ultimately decided to implement Allscripts® Revenue Cycle Management Services, a solution that elevates the billing cycle through a combination of people, process and technology. Partnering with Allscripts revenue cycle management (RCM) experts would prove to be invaluable. “It’s like having a life raft attached to your boat. If someone were to go out for an extended period, you do have backup, you have somebody that can help you instead of just pushing additional responsibilities onto people who are already overtaxed in the office,” Bowring said.

Bowring also saw an opportunity to further optimize financial functions by leveraging CURVE Analytics, a cloud-based business intelligence tool that provides real-time access to advanced analytics to manage a practice’s entire billing office. CURVE Analytics’ reporting capabilities have enabled the practice to make informed process improvements more seamlessly. “We’re really staying on top of charging the right fees and seeing what rejections are for,” Bowring said. “I don’t feel like I have to micromanage it because I know the information that we need to be successful and keep our revenue flowing is coming in automatically.”

With these solutions in place and a strong partnership with the Allscripts team, the practice quickly saw results. “Allscripts brought a lot to the table,” Bowring shared. “We found common ground working together and then we really started seeing the numbers show how we’ve benefitted.” For example, Southfield Pediatrics decreased its overall billing costs by thousands of dollars a month and increased its net collection rate by 2%.

Read the full client story to learn more about how Revenue Cycle Management Services and CURVE Analytics helped enhance financials at the practice.


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