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Using data to unlock revenue and improve patient health

ChartScout is the app of the month

Many practices across many regions likely have the same problem: Too much patient data crammed into overflowing patient charts. Managing this data is crucial to providing patient-specific care, but often this care is delivered at the expense of lost time and without the ability to accurately report out on quality measures.

A platform to help

The Emerge platform, from ChartScout, enables you to cut through the noise created by large quantities of data found in your patient charts. This platform saves users critical time while positively affecting quality measure reporting, which can all lead to better patient outcomes.

Emerge clients are continuing to find new and interesting ways to leverage the platform through its NLP- and OCR-powered products.

One example of this was from a client’s Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR. Enabled with the Emerge platform, the client was granted immediate control of its population and given the ability to drill down to any piece of data within a patient’s chart—no matter where or how the documentation was stored.

A peek into a recent use case: 900 patients to audit

Using the Emerge Platform, one FTE at St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare electronically identified and screened 900 patients who might be eligible for colonoscopies from its Allscripts Professional EHR™, Allscripts TouchWorks EHR and Sunrise™ solutions. This was accomplished in just one day at a direct incremental cost of about $200. The Emerge software provided an efficient process to enhance care and improve financial results, with a significant return on investment (ROI).

270 patients identified

Of the gastroenterology practice’s sub-population of 900 patients, 270 screening-eligible adults were positively found by Emerge’s optical character recognition to not have had a colonoscopy in the recommended timeframe. Emerge identified 30^% of the population and assisted the organization in ensuring each patient received quality care. Clinical outcomes improved, and revenue increased.

Financial results

Using Emerge, St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare found $250k of additional revenue by identifying the patients in need of a colonoscopy. This is not just revenue to improve financial results, but also for doing the right thing for the quality of patient care. This effort will also improve the organization’s quality scores for prevention.

This single effort is due to the Emerge Platform plus one FTE in just one day of screening for a single condition. When you consider its reach in that regard, Emerge can be applied at scale across an entire population. Clients gain increased outcomes, better quality scores, improved patient care, and satisfaction and better financial performance.

Watch the App of the Month webinar replay (Access Passcode: h.z8sjWi) to learn more about ChartScout and how it can help save your practice significant time while also improving your overall bottom line.

*Medicare reimbursement for colonoscopy with biopsy single or multiple, is approx. $936 (CPT code 45380). 270 x $936 = $252,720.

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