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Three reasons why healthcare calls for Human-Centered Design

Job-related stress among healthcare workers is a complex issue, but there is no denying technology is often a culprit. In fact, one recent survey found that nearly one-third of hospital workers experience frustration with technology at least half of the work week.

So, what can those of us in health IT do to ensure our solutions solve—rather than multiply—challenges facing healthcare workers? Human-Centered Design (HCD) is the answer. And Allscripts is leading the way.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why the healthcare industry can benefit from HCD, drawn from the newest installment of the Allscripts eMagazine, Next Now:

1. Healthcare is an ecosystem

User Experience (UX) Design is a common design methodology that focuses on the experience of a product user. HCD goes well beyond UX Design and instead focuses on serving the human using the product, other humans connected to the user and the broader organization or system that binds them. This contextual approach reflects the interconnectedness between providers, patients and their environments.

2. More empathy is a good thing

Empathy is a key quality in healthcare providers, and it is at the center of HCD. From project scoping to prototype testing, design teams practicing HCD consider the needs of the humans who will use the product throughout the entire process instead of designing for what they think users need. Nobody knows healthcare workflows better than those who actually interact with them. Why build solutions without deep understanding of their daily experiences?

3. Failure is part of the process

Healthcare is a high-stakes business. There is little room for error when people’s lives and wellbeing are on the line. With HCD, failing early and failing often is all part of the design journey. Welcoming failure means the design team can find opportunities to make a product better at a faster pace and prevent a poor human experience before it goes to market.

These are just a few of the many ways HCD can transform healthcare technology and the experience of those leveraging it. Check out the latest edition of Next Now, “Human-Centered Design: Where compassion meets technology,” to learn about HCD as a concept, the benefits of HCD to the healthcare industry and more from Allscripts Chief Experience Officer Jenna Date.

Read the full eMagazine.


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