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Better care, delivered: Five recent Allscripts client successes

At Allscripts, we take pride in providing our clients the solutions and support they need to ensure their patients receive the best care possible. Our clients’ successes are at the center of everything we do. Our commitment to our clients—and to their patients—spans various areas of the healthcare delivery landscape. From interoperability, to documentation, to telehealth, here are five recent client success stories that highlight the excellent work these organizations are doing for their patients.

Bringing the benefits of interoperability to Inland Empire Health Plan

Serving California’s Riverside and San Bernadino counties, Inland Empire Health Plan is a non-profit public health plan that has been recognized by the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services as a major force in how it has transformed healthcare access across southern California. Using the dbMotion™ Solution and Allscripts® Practice Management, the organization improved outcomes and enabled better access for its 1.25M members.

Read the full story here.

Doubling patient volume at Springhill Medical Center

Springhill Medical Center is a privately owned, full-service hospital based in Mobile, Alabama. With Allscripts by its side, Springhill leveraged Sunrise™ Emergency Care, which analyzed data to pinpoint peak patient volume times, which then, in turn, enabled the hospital to optimize staffing. Sunrise Emergency Care further helped drive greater volume was by giving clinicians the tools they needed to streamline patient care orders. Many of Springhill’s clinicians also cite Sunrise’s user-friendly platform as a contributing factor to the increased patient flow. At its core, the simplicity of the solution helped Springhill thrive and treat patients with more efficiency.

Read the full story here.

Streamlining documentation improves financial foundation at Wise Health System

When Wise Health System implemented Sunrise™ Financial Manager in 2019, the hospitals and provider practices had been running on different systems—which led to inevitable financial challenges, specifically in managing accounts receivable. As soon as Wise adopted the singular, integrated platform, physicians who treated patients in both the hospital and ambulatory settings could properly document all procedures delivered, regardless of location. This change—moving a to One Patient, One Record mode of operation—enabled better communication, directly leading to better documentation and more comprehensive capturing of missed charges and revenue.

Read the full story here.

Telehealth closes the Digital Divide at SBH Health

Across the Bronx, SBH Health system provides care at many ambulatory centers and a community care hospital. Before COVID-19, SBH Health was “telehealth-curious,” as it wanted to explore the benefits of having a comprehensive telehealth offering but had qualms about if patients would accept the stark change. But when SBH Health’s circumstances changed with the onset of COVID-19 in New York, the system pivoted to FollowMyHealth™ to deliver care to the patients who needed it most.

Read the full story here.

Better patient engagement at the LA LGBT Center

The Los Angeles LGBT Center employs providers specializing in primary care for LGBT people and these clinicians are experts at caring for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people—and understand how, often, the LGBT community is disproportionately affected by social and political issues. As trusted partners, Allscripts continues supporting the Center’s mission to provide a safe and inclusive space for members of the LGBT community. To bring the inclusive nature up a level, the Center partnered with Allscripts to add demographic fields for Sex Assigned at Birth, Administrative Sex, and Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI). The effort to collect this vital information has resulted in more than 1,200 patients whose medical care can be more accurately monitored for appropriate clinical follow-up.

Read the full story here.

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