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ADP Empower: Amplifying diverse voices in healthcare IT

The fight for racial equity spans all industries, including healthcare information technology.

Communities of color face more barriers to care, sparking an urgency to develop healthcare solutions for underrepresented communities and diversify the population of innovators creating these solutions. Healthcare technology industry leaders must aim to level the playing field and support this generation of diverse entrepreneurs to boost patient outcomes and reduce care disparities.

Allscripts remains committed to promoting diversity within the healthcare IT industry and seeks to create a community of innovators that represents the perspectives, cultures and needs of all of our clients and their patients. Led by our Allscripts Developer Program (ADP), Allscripts is launching ADP Empower to support entrepreneurs who are underrepresented in the healthcare technology field.

ADP Empower helps plant the SEED for underrepresented entrepreneurs to further grow their companies and achieve success within the healthcare technology industry.

Support new technology

Engage with a diverse community

Educate to fuel innovation

Deploy integrated solutions to patients and providers

This initiative offers an empowerment package at no additional cost to minority-owned or -led healthcare technology companies. It is designed to provide Allscripts leadership, expertise, resources, technology and support to underrepresented entrepreneurs to help generate new business and accelerate innovation. The ADP Empower cohort will also create a diverse community for fellowship and mentorship among other entrepreneurs and innovators.

Allscripts is currently accepting applications for the 2021 cohort through May 28, 2021. All questions about the mission, empowerment package and application process can be sent to

Allscripts pledges to build racial equity in the digital health environment. We are excited about the prospect of working with high-value and innovative solutions that are historically bootstrapped due to a lack of support and funding. ADP Empower is only the beginning. At Allscripts, our focus continues to be on reducing deeply engrained health disparities and helping move bright and diverse ideas forward.

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