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COVID-19 vaccine dashboards available now

Allscripts tackles covid-19 challenges with vaccine dashboard

As COVID-19 vaccinations continue rolling out, healthcare providers—especially those in the ambulatory space—are finding robust data analytics to be increasingly crucial. With supplies limited, providers must prioritize distribution to patients appropriately, and ensure both vaccine doses are given in a timely way. Because the vaccines are new, clinicians must also carefully track each patients’ sensitivities and coordinate this information with adverse vaccine reactions to support safety and use for future reference.

Vaccine dashboards are available, and free

Allscripts is committed to supporting our clients’ success, both clinically and by other measures. It’s especially important now, given the special financial and operational challenges brought on by the pandemic, that clients can access the services as easily and cost-effectively as possible.

We have already been focused on building tools within the EHR that support clinicians in optimizing their data and using it effectively at the point of care. We have adapted these tools for use in delivering COVID-19 vaccines and are offering them as a service to existing ambulatory clients through the Practice Analytics app. Specifically, these tools include several dynamic dashboards, as well as patient care alerts, to help Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR and Allscripts Professional EHR™ clients navigate the vaccine rollout phases of the pandemic.

Critical information for distributing the COVID-19 vaccine

Overall, the dashboards, which are automatically loaded for AAP clients, help track and manage patient populations more effectively. Their specific functionalities are tailored to the needs of this critical time.

The first dashboard, which is newly available, tracks vaccine delivery. Its information includes how many patients have received which vaccine dose (whether from Moderna or Pfizer), the supply of vaccine doses onsite and how many are on hold for patients who deferred them. The information provided by this dashboard also ensures clinicians immediately have the information they need in case a patient has an adverse reaction a vaccine. Also included are reminder alerts for scheduling patient doses.

The second dashboard, which has been available throughout the pandemic as an add-on but is now included in the solution package, tracks high-risk and COVID-19 symptomatic patients. Filters for age and underlying conditions make it possible for clinicians to quickly prioritize patients who need the first or second vaccine and create pursuit lists for appointments.

Using these tools, ambulatory providers can ensure they are using their vaccine supply efficiently and can administer doses safely to the patients who need it most. The data they gather will also be valuable in the near future, to manage population and individual patient health even beyond the early waves of COVID-19 vaccinations.

For more information on our vaccine dashboards, visit our Practice Analytics webpage.

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