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How providers are getting back 90 minutes of their day – every day

Desktop-based workflows are a significant driver of physician burnout. From the cognitive demand of search-intensive processes to the frustratingly low input-bandwidth a keyboard and mouse provide, being tethered to a PC or a laptop to complete basic patient care tasks is a major detriment to the lives of physicians across the country.

Though often repeated, these statistics that describe physician burnout are worth sharing once again:

  • 42% of physicians say they are burned out1
  • Increasing attention has been focused on the crisis of physician burnout; what’s largely left out of the discussion is the effect burnout has on physicians’ families2
  • In terms of what is causing burnout, the biggest contributor is the bureaucratic tasks (e.g., charting and paperwork)3

This puts clinicians in a truly challenging position, and it’s not hard to connect the dots or see why this workflow trend has such negative results.

In the desktop-based status quo, completing administrative tasks means staying late at the office or opening a laptop after dinner. In this paradigm, providers are tethered to a location for the completion of their tasks and limited by the old way of creating data, a mouse and keyboard.

Migrating to Mobile: A Fresh Look at Provider Workflow

It was obvious in 2015, when DocBuddy launched, and remains just as obvious today. If our smartphones are capable of so much, why can’t physicians take advantage of all the productivity and mobility tools those in the corporate world often use? DocBuddy set out to give providers back more of their most valuable resource – time.

The DocBuddy iPhone and Android app moves providers’ workflows from a PC to their mobile device. The results are dramatic. Providers are saving up to 90 minutes of admin time every day with DocBuddy.

How DocBuddy Enables Work-from-Anywhere Mobility and Time Savings for Providers

It starts by securely integrating DocBuddy with a practice’s Allscripts Professional EHR™ database. By enabling providers to access their schedules and search for patient information while providing a 360° view of their Allscripts Professional EHR database, DocBuddy offers the crucial integration to access practice data from anywhere.

Beyond retrieving EHR data from anywhere, DocBuddy also helps providers document from anywhere. Whether in the practice, on-call, in surgery or anywhere else providing patient care, DocBuddy enables providers to document at the point of care.

Clients have provided feedback that transitioning to our mobile workflow solution eliminates 90 minutes of administrative tasks every day.

Join DocBuddy for a webinar on Thursday, Jan. 21 at 1 p.m. ET to learn more.


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