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Allscripts partners with Microsoft to deliver the best in healthcare and technology

As the healthcare industry shifts, more and more organizations are teaming up to leverage their strengths to support each other’s functions. To ensure better than ever security and simplicity for our healthcare providers, Allscripts developed and cultivated a strong partnership with Microsoft. Together we understand that technology enables success, while clinical insight empowers technology.

Allscripts has always had a strategic relationship with Microsoft, at least as far back as 2006, when I joined the company. In recent years, especially as our clients have needed to deliver care and help patients manage their health remotely, we have supercharged that relationship. Microsoft has been investing heavily in healthcare, and this investment has paid off in its extensive user community and secure, powerful platform. Allscripts will leverage this going forward, offering our own healthcare expertise and understanding of what clinicians and other users need from health IT today. This is an opportunity to create a cloud-based EHR platform that dramatically improves our clients’ health IT experiences in the future.

Partnering healthcare and technology experts to address key challenges

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, leaders at Allscripts and Microsoft regularly met to discuss how we could support clinicians and patients. Some great innovations took place during this time, and we look forward to continuing this process. Microsoft has already created a lot of technology enablers in healthcare, and Allscripts has made these models work for our clinicians and patients.

One critical concern for our clients is their cybersecurity, particularly now given the extension of their remote care delivery. As an EHR builder led by clinicians, Allscripts deeply understands the importance of this. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s focus and investment in security is probably the largest in the industry, outside the government sector. Through our partnership, especially through Allscripts use of Microsoft’s cloud technology, our clinical and technical understandings work synergistically to maintain the most powerful and effective defense.

Our clients are also concerned with ensuring their clinicians can use their time efficiently, helping to ensure a healthy work/life balance will go a long way in preventing burnout.  This is accomplished by leveraging Microsoft’s technology, particularly Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services and Teams collaboration which enables Allscripts to simplify and minimize disruptions to clinical workflows no matter where the care location is helping clinicians more effectively engage with patients.

Increased value is the ultimate goal

What has made the partnership between Microsoft and Allscripts successful so far is our joint recognition of people – clinicians, patients and other users – as the ultimate focus of our work. Together we understand that while technology is a tool for delivering care safely and efficiently, people and their needs are its purpose. Creating value for these people, by bridging the gap between healthcare and technology, is ultimately our goal.

To learn more about the possibilities of this partnership, and the clinical and technical understanding brought by Allscripts and Microsoft, please listen to our podcast.

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