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Allscripts Developer Program partners addressed key healthcare issues in 2020

2020 was a challenging year for healthcare, but also a year of opportunity and adaption, including innovation in technology. Our partners in the Allscripts Developer Program (ADP) have seized the chance to develop solutions and tools that empower providers to deliver the best care while maintaining their own health during an especially critical time.

Throughout this year, we’ve been proud to highlight ADP members whose connected healthcare apps have removed barriers and opened possibilities for the Allscripts clients who use them. Our special eMagazine issue of NextNow features all the Top Apps of Month of 2020.

Each of these apps is unique and together they fulfill a diverse range of specific needs for clinicians and patients. Overall, however, it’s clear a few issues have been key to stronger healthcare delivery this year, and the top ADP apps have been crucial in addressing them.

Enabling remote functions

With clinicians and staff working remotely, and patients remaining at home, it’s vital to efficiently access schedules, financials and clinical data from any location. Remote providers must be able to manage workflows and patient visits, while tracking patient progress between visits. Patients, meanwhile, need to virtually communicate with their providers so they can keep their care consistent. Several ADP partners have delivered apps that offer these essential functions with a seamless user experience on both the provider and patient sides, helping to maintain care continuity online despite this momentous shift.

Supporting clinicians

One consequence of remote work is a struggle with work-life balance for providers. Clinicians who were constantly on-call or had to bring their work home with them in the past now find themselves with little or no barrier between work and home. In this setting, they are even more vulnerable to burnout. The tools we have highlighted in 2020 ease clinician burden by automating and streamlining administrative tasks, making it easier to designate work to fit specific times and schedules. Support for optimal telehealth options also lets clinicians still keep their focus on what they do best – delivering care.

Optimizing resources

In a year defined by shortages of medical supplies, providers more than ever have made the most of what they did have. Some of the Top Apps of 2020 focused on shortening revenue cycle and ensuring efficient payment, to support stronger financials. Others gave immediate and simple access to the data clinicians needed on both individual patients and populations, supporting their decisions for both regular care and managing COVID-19. All contributed to helping providers maximize their resources to deliver the best care possible, for lower cost.

To see which apps and partners are featured in 2020 Top Apps of the Month, read our latest issue of NextNow.

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