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Moving from an EHR to a platform of health

The current pandemic has showed that healthcare is ever-changing. Consumers and IT users expect a modern human-focused experience when using technology. We as an industry still have room to improve in areas such as burnout and enhancing meaningful patient and provider interactions, all while balancing regulatory and organization outcomes.

As you can see with the new information blocking rules, we are not where we need to be with interoperability. The pandemic puts a focus on our need to seriously address problems in healthcare delivery and how healthcare IT supports improved outcomes by bringing solutions to the market that deliver a true platform of health.

Continually focused on the future of care delivery

Allscripts is focused on the care our providers deliver and understanding how they deliver it. Our goal is to drive outcomes that create positive experiences for clinicians and the patients they care for. Over the last five years, Allscripts Sunrise™ EHR platform has supported that change with innovation.

It improves how clinicians review results on the tracking board, makes it easy to document with Patient Avatar, streamlines workflows with Workflow Management Tool, integrates Lyft for ridesharing and supports Apple Health Records. We’re on a journey to a different kind of electronic health record, one that draws on cloud-born technology, patient-driven focus and mobile, human-centered design.

An evolution to a platform of health

Our extended partnership with Microsoft further extends our ability to evolve and innovate with a focus on delivering simpler technology that’s more purposeful in design and supportive of patient care. For Sunrise to improve delivery of care, we look to 10 key benefits of continued evolution:

  1. Human-centric design
  2. Capture the Mobile Internet of Things
  3. Dynamic scale
  4. Performance
  5. Knowledge/cognitive built in
  6. Always on with no workflow disruption
  7. Instrumented for continuous measurement
  8. Integrated patient data
  9. Secure
  10. Moves beyond the EHR

So, how does Sunrise enable a transformation to a platform of health?

One Partner

Our partnership optimizes the business of healthcare. It universally connects to patients, data and the community of health. It embeds security for devices, data and platforms. Sunrise has lasting value for today’s standards with flexibility for tomorrow, simplified for everyone.

One Platform

Our platform of health puts the patient at the heart of care delivery. Robust patient engagement enables clinician interactions on a single platform and self-directed healthcare. Preventative health maintenance and customized care plans enhance management of the wellness journey.

It enables clinicians to spend more time delivering care through innovation, such as text analytics, which understand the context of the inputs to provide suggested actions in the workflow. Health metrics from internet-connected devices are converted to actionable knowledge to inform clinician decision support. Sunrise creates efficiencies that harness the full potential of a platform of health.

One Purpose 

This brings us to the reason we are all in the business of healthcare—cloud collaboration, and innovative AI-driven workflows that quiet the noise, lessen the burden and support clinicians to deliver excellence in healthcare while empowering patients to guide their wellness journey. We will deliver personalized health insights derived from connected devices delivered to patients to maintain and improve wellness.

Together, we can deliver better healthcare. Sunrise is the solution your hospital needs. Learn more about Allscripts Sunrise™ here.

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