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Allscripts Developer Summit 2020: Achieving better integrations, stronger partnerships

Every day in the Allscripts Developer Program, we support hundreds of organizations working to make a positive difference in healthcare practices large and small. It’s not easy – the increasing complexity of healthcare environments and, of course, challenges like the impact of COVID-19 on healthcare systems and all of our lives make it even more exceptional when companies continue to innovate and deliver great technology.

Allscripts hosts an annual event for developers featuring education sessions to help them advance in their efforts to provide innovative tools for clients and their patients. In July, the 2020 Allscripts Developer Summit went virtual for the first time and we were thrilled to welcome our largest group of attendees ever. I do believe great things can happen when we make the best of the situations, and this year I’m proud we could pivot to provide our developers with important content through a safe, virtual platform.

Our 2020 Allscripts Developer Program Award winners also demonstrated their commitment to our clients, to innovation in health technology and to continuing to deliver solutions that meet the needs of our clients today. It’s a pleasure to recognize these companies for their efforts!

Recognizing strong contributions to improving healthcare

For many years, developers have been recognized at the event with awards for their work in improving healthcare. The 2020 Allscripts Developer Program Award winners included:


  • The Client Experience award recognized ThoroughCare for building significant partnerships with clients and always putting the client first to improve their experience. With the integration into Allscripts electronic health record platform (EHR), clients can instantaneously share patient data between ThoroughCare and Allscripts platforms. Clients can automate care plans by importing medications, allergies, lab results, patient vitals and chronic conditions. Care-plan summaries and completed claims can then be easily sent back to Allscripts with the push of a button.


  • The Client Impact award recognized FlexScanMD for demonstrating an impressive commitment to improving the lives of clinicians and patients. FlexScanMD powered by Kestrel Software will interface behind the scenes with Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR, Allscripts Professional™ EHR and Allscripts Practice Management™. This means that vaccines administered and charted in the EHR as well as patient scripts created in Allscripts will immediately appear in FlexScanMD for fulfillment by in-house dispensary staff, and inventory is decremented accordingly. Likewise, all charges for medications, vaccines and products dispensed in FlexScanMD automatically flow to the Allscripts PM system.


  • The Technical Innovation award recognized Relaymed for solving previously unaddressed problems with new innovations. Relaymed rapidly developed real-time interfaces for new COVID-19 point-of-care tests, to both the EHR and State Health Departments, to enable effective fast track and trace programs. With the integration into Professional and TouchWorks electronic health record platforms providing the requisite patient demographics and provider details for contact tracing, Relaymed combines these with positive test results received from connected devices to automatically transmit cases to track to the relevant Health Department in real-time. This speed of reporting is a game changer.

Manual data entry typically means extra steps and an extra burden on our clients’ staffs. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our goal has been to minimize the anxiety and difficulty of testing and reporting. Relaymed has significantly reduced concerns, which has enabled our clients to test in greater volumes, with speed and accuracy, which will help us overcome the pandemic challenge.


  • The Sales and Marketing Excellence award recognized InDxLogic for effectively using various marketing tools to tell a story and get messages to clients. InDxLogic, in partnership with the Allscripts Developer Program, utilizes the Allscripts Application Store, co-presented with clients as the featured application of the month, and attended and sponsored onsite and online Allscripts Client Experience (ACE) user group events. Through these marketing tools, InDxLogic has achieved great success in customer growth and education. With the integration into Professional and TouchWorks electronic health record platforms, InDxLogic automates the indexing of patient documents into the EHR, reducing reliance on medical record personnel and ultimately cutting operational costs considerably.

Allscripts is excited to partner with InDxLogic to bring additional value to our clients. InDxLogic offers an HIM automation solution utilizing OCR and machine learning that our ambulatory customers find useful and complementary.


  • The COVID-19 Innovator award recognized PatientLink for going above and beyond to offer solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier this year, as the coronavirus pandemic began to sweep the nation, PatientLink’s top priority focused on quickly responding to the urgent needs of their clients, who needed to screen patients for the disease and remotely gather patient intake data for telehealth visits. PatientLink also developed and implemented COVID-19 response tools for its award-winning patient-facing FHIR® enabled application, MyLinks®, which provides a free account to help patients securely gather, manage and share their health records electronically. With the integration of Allscripts electronic health records and PM platforms, PatientLink and MyLinks will continue to go the extra mile to provide healthcare organizations across the U.S. with solutions to not only succeed, but thrive during extremely challenging times.

We are beyond excited to congratulate the award winners and honor their achievements in healthcare. Please visit our Application Store to learn more about these solutions.

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