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Identifying, managing high-risk patients during COVID-19

The COVID-19 healthcare crisis has introduced some of the most challenging times our healthcare system has seen.

Providers not only need to navigate the treatment of diagnosed patients, they also must anticipate virus spread to new populations in the days and weeks to come.

Doing this successfully requires healthcare organizations to screen patient populations for risk associated with exposure to COVID-19, assess patient populations for associated high risk for severe illness due to underlying conditions, and then further manage each population based on evidence-based guidelines.

Allscripts® Care Director care coordination solution has been deployed in many healthcare organizations with evidence-based clinical assessments and care plan tools to coordinate care across the continuum to manage their high-risk, post-acute and complex chronic disease populations. These organizations have been able to successfully decrease 30-, 60-, 90-day hospital readmissions, reduce avoidable Emergency Department utilization, thereby increasing active program participation and improving patient experience.

As a number of critically ill, chronic patients started to show COVID-19 symptoms, care coordination staffs needed a solution to manage and facilitate care for a whole new vulnerable population.

Healthcare organizations had little time to define screening protocols and appropriate care plans for this new population of patients and were hopeful that they could lean on the innovative technology leveraged for their other patient populations to overcome these new challenges.

This prompted us to deliver COVID-19 Risk Assessment Public Health & Care Plan that reflected CDC guidelines. Healthcare organizations were rapidly able to take advantage of this multi-tenant web-based solution’s capability to deploy evidence-based content instantly.

This solution helps care coordinators assess patient risk levels based on exposure risk, current health status and social determinants of health. This enables them to develop and monitor additional care plan problems, goals and actionable interventions for the management of COVID-19. So far during the pandemic, about 11,000 patient cases have been managed using Care Director.

We recognized how important it is for care teams to provide efficient, collaborative care for large COVID-19 caseloads through a sharable care coordination care plan with worklist management capabilities that ensure that all patients receive timely and appropriate care and follow-up. The solution also provides reporting capability to be able to track patients through every phase of COVID-19 program and includes data points needed to confirm recovery.

To learn more, see a replay of our recent webinar. Learn more about the Allscripts COVID-19 response here.

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