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Automate your lab’s workflow to speed COVID-19 decision-making

Now more than ever, a huge percentage of the population is embracing new technology and tools to work from home more efficiently. Likewise, this may be an ideal time for your practice workflows to do the same.

Saving time can help your practice better cope through this challenging period. One way we can help is by showing you how to connect your in-house lab results to streamline workflows, especially with the additional workload presented by COVID-19 testing. Allscripts Developer Program partner Relaymed, has a solution that instantly transmits test results from your in-house lab devices to the patient’s chart in Allscripts Professional EHRTM and Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR.

Each time you conduct a point-of-care test today, you’re potentially wasting time. Think of the steps involved for a staff member to painstakingly transcribe results from a printout and manually enter them into the EHR. And as with any data-entry task comes the opportunity for human error. All the while, you’re running paper across the office, and providers — and patients — are waiting for the test results.

Think of the stress you could relieve and the precious time you could give back by automating this process. Your team could instead spend that time on more meaningful tasks, such as rescheduling appointments, procedures and referrals impacted by the outbreak. And once this is all over, that time could be used for increasing facetime with patients.

Wouldn’t that be an amazing positive to take out of all this — to change behavior for the better and create a new normal? Times are certainly difficult right now. As the saying goes, I think we will “science our way out of this.” And it’s happening already.

Relaymed’s partner Abbott is bringing rapid COVID-19 testing to the front lines, into physician offices and urgent care centers, where it is needed. Their test runs on their point-of-care ID NOW system and can deliver a positive result in as little as five minutes. An accurate, rapid test delivered close to the patient, outside of hospitals, will be transformative to help alleviate pressure on the healthcare system.

Working closely with Abbott, the new COVID-19 test has already been fully interfaced by Relaymed, so our existing clients can implement this into their workflow immediately when the test kits ship soon. This is a test result that’s imperative to be recorded correctly in the EHR; we cannot let human error sneak in. That’s true not just for the sake of individual patients, but also their family members and wider community.

With Relaymed, you can reduce human error and be sure the lab results are available more quickly. And once in the EHR, not only can the physician review the results, so too can the patient in their patient portal. And population health management? That’s enabled too by ensuring the EHR is the central data repository and single source of truth.

We’re all in this together. We’re here to help. Make Relaymed part of the COVID-19 relief package and let’s use this time to get you connected. And crucially at this time of limited resource, setup is fast and easy so you’ll gain the time savings immediately. Register for the webinar on April 29 at 1PM ET: Automate your lab’s workflow to save time during the COVID-19 pandemic

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