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At HIMSS 2020: Reimagined mobile workflow on full display

Most ambulatory clinicians spend hours at home every evening understanding and preparing for their patients the next day. A new mobile patient workflow will enable physicians to know patient information within seconds in between visits without the tiring nightly prep work.

Our product team is reimagining and redesigning a workflow to deliver information quickly during the “in-between time” of patient visits leveraging our user-centered design process. There is currently no workflow today that solves a mobile in-between time for physicians. In short, we’re giving physicians back the thing they need most: More time with family and more time at night to rest.

Where it all started

Our team interviewed clinicians at two hospitals: Hendrick Health System and Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

We asked physicians to talk about their pain points with current solutions, where they wanted to be more efficient and their needs for a more helpful experience with technology.

With this information, we created a workflow that focuses on the time between patient encounters and helps clinicians to quickly orient themselves to the next patient.

Physicians need to prepare for the next patient that they are going to see, but regularly have very little time as they move from one patient to another. As a result, many physicians spend time the evening before orienting themselves to the patient they are going to see the next day often called “pajama time.”

We designed a new way for physicians to prepare for seeing a patient during the limited amount of time available to them.

HIMSS presentation and demonstration

Helping us showcase this new mobile workflow within our HIMSS 2020 booth theater is Joshua B. Reed, D.O., Hendrick Health System physician advisor and case management palliative care specialist.

We will also have an area in our booth for hands-on time with a prototype on the devices that make this possible. Physicians can walk through the new workflow and test it out. An important part of our design process is to collect input on what would make this solution the most efficient, effective and satisfying experience for our physicians.

This new workflow will leverage voice capabilities and will initially be compatible with the Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad. Later, the workflow will be developed to be device agnostic.

Want to see Dr. Reed present the solution? Visit HIMSS 2020 Booth #1501 at 1 PM Tuesday, March 10, and Wednesday, March 11, for theater presentations. Want to get hands-on with the solution demo and provide feedback and ideas? Just ask at the front desk to be taken to the demo area for Sunrise Mobile.

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