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Allscripts Virtual Triage to provide much-needed support for organizations

The urgency and rapid escalation of the current COVID-19 pandemic requires equally responsive IT solutions, and one of the most critical places to streamline process is in triage.

Think about a time when you went to an emergency department. Typically, you get registered, meet with a nurse in a staging area, she or he asks you a series of questions. Those questions are triaging to determine your level of required care, what room type you need, etc.

Clinicians make strategic decisions while triaging patients. This becomes even more critical when your organization sees significant up-tick in demand.

The just-released Allscripts® Virtual Triage is a digital “front door” to your health system. This electronic health record (EHR)-agnostic mobile triage tool delivers a set of scored and weighted triage questions for COVID-19.

No prior healthcare organization registration or relationship is required for patients to use the online questionnaire. Allscripts Virtual Triage will screen patients into four categories:

  • No further intervention needed
  • A virtual telehealth on-demand waiting room
  • A follow up queue for email or phone callback
  • Location of nearest COVID-19 testing facility* (when available)

The solution acts to ensure depleted resources within an organization are targeted to the most at-risk population. Allscripts Virtual Triage can be implemented in just a few days. It triages quickly, automatically and virtually. This digital front door to your organization can be branded by your organization and customized by you with defined logic and routing. Not only is it  mobile-browser friendly, you are also provided a unique SMS phone number and keyword that patients in your service area can text to receive a link to the virtual triage. The solution is standalone and there is no need to own other Allscripts products to deploy it.

Why standalone? If a hospital has an unexpected scenario with an increase in demand, it wants to be able to manage the intake. Allscripts Virtual Triage works with patients not registered in your health system. When patients are coming from the community at large, you need a solution that is open.

How does it work?

The organization posts a COVID-19 link to its website. If a patient is feeling sick, they can click on the link. The patient then answers a series of questions that are scored on the back end. Allscripts Virtual Triage presents a variety of options, such as deciding to move the patient into a queue managed by the health system to decide what kind treatment decision should be made. Allscripts Virtual Triage can decide which patients should be contacted in a variety of capacities.

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