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Top 10 client stories of 2019

2019 was filled with remarkable accomplishments from our clients as they continue to push the envelope in delivering smarter healthcare. Here are the top 10 for 2019:

  1. Complete, coordinated care with Chronic Care Management

Colquitt Regional Medical Center (Moultrie, GA) chose Allscripts to deploy additional services that enable its large Medicare patient to manage their own care.

“We recognize that effectively managing patients with chronic conditions takes more than routine face-to-face visits to a doctor’s office…This program is a comprehensive approach that will hopefully keep patients’ health under control and prevent a hospital visit.” Jim Matney, President & CEO, Colquitt Regional Medical Center

  1. Better outcomes with a flexible, customizable platform

Ashburn Sterling Internal Medicine and Pediatrics (Lansdowne, VA) adapts quickly to regulatory change, captures more revenue and, most importantly, improves patient care using Allscripts Professional EHR and Allscripts Practice Management.

“Allscripts integrates with the many healthcare constituencies that we work with, so that the picture we see of a patient is truly comprehensive…That means a great deal in terms of enhancing patient care.” Tareq Abedin, MD Ashburn Sterling Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

  1. Digitizing the patient intake process with integrated applications

Chesapeake Urology (Baltimore, MD) increases collections and patient engagement, verifies eligibility and gathers data that enhances care—all at the point of service with Phreesia, an Allscripts Developer Program partner.

“The software knows each patient’s unique profile and only asks the questions applicable for the current visit.” Barry Oursler, Director of Clinical and Business Systems

  1. Connecting physician groups for better patient care at Holston Medical Group (HMG)

HMG (Kingsport, Tenn.) had the vision to form an accountable care organization (ACO) but needed a way to normalize the data from various EHRs, so all caregivers had access to complete patient care histories.

“We analyze where we can have the greatest impact to improve outcomes…We have expanded capabilities to identify, stratify and better care for patients.” Wesley Combs, HMG Chief Information Officer

  1. Setting for a strong financial future at Springhill Medical Center

Springhill Medical Center (Mobile, AL) realized that financial data should also be seamlessly integrated, to give a complete picture of the patient.

“When it comes to health IT, our CEO Jeff St. Clair sees the big picture. He understands the value of having an integrated clinical and financial platform… He knew that to be ready for the future, we’d need to combine them onto a single platform.” Delanea Radbourne, Senior Manager of Managed IT Services

  1. Delivering an exceptional patient portal experience

Arkansas Physician Management, Inc. (Little Rock, AR) a management services organization that supports small physician practices, recognized the value of engaging patients in their own care.

“Once they saw how much time they could recover, the nurses quickly became the portal’s biggest advocates.” Serena Davis, Clinical Informatics & EHR Coordinator

  1. Arbor Family Medicine chooses Allscripts for its revenue cycle management solution

Arbor Family Medicine (Colorado) achieves more efficient billing and claims processes, increases revenue and recovers underpayments.

“We know that Allscripts is a large company, but it feels like a small company. The dedicated account team makes it very nice because it’s very personalized. They understand what we’re doing and what we need. We know they are always there for us.” Mikie Gonzales, Office Manager

  1. Commitment to patient safety earns top recognition for Methodist Hospital

Methodist Hospital (Arcadia, CA) required an EHR that can help put the hospital’s steadfast focus on safety into practice and support their staff and enable better care.

“We have to use technology to build clinical pathways and guidelines as an aid to physicians, to help avoid oversights.” Gary Russell, Chief Information Officer

  1. Improving patient access to high-quality rehabilitation care at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals (Nebraska) needed a flexible, comprehensive EHR at its clinical core to maintain its excellent level of patient care.

“No single vendor can provide what you need for your specific environment. The critical factor is finding a system such as Sunrise that can present versatility and have the flexibility to enable your own staff to leverage the system to meet the hospitals’ needs.” Roberta Steinhauser, Director of Hospital Applications

  1. Washington Health System leads in healthcare quality, safety and value

Washington Health System (Washington, PA) needed to grow and adapt continue leading in healthcare quality, safety and value.

“We can send chart documents direction from Care Management, eliminating the need to print off documents and fax them separately…We also can run real-time reports that assist in daily management.” Lynn Watson, Case Management Director

Thank you to these clients for sharing their stories that inspire us to create open, connected communities of health that spark change.

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