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Celebrating World Usability Day 2019 and the latest thinking in HIT

As Allscripts Director of User Experience, I come to work every day excited that I get to collaborate with some of the best designers in the world. We design products that help reduce clinician burden, improve healthcare and enhance the patient experience.

I’m especially proud of this team’s success in elevating the user experience (UX) maturity of our company, differentiating ourselves in the market based on the rigor of our research and design process, and documenting significant improvements in the usability of our products.

I spend time removing roadblocks to UX process by working closely with our clients to make sure their goals for usability, safety and outcomes are being met.

It’s important to speak on the topics of clinician burden reduction, the science of usability and how a philosophy of helpfulness can lead the HIT industry to provide the products that our users deserve.

The Allscripts UX team is taking part in the worldwide celebrations of World Usability Day 2019.

World Usability Day is an annual event where usability is discussed and celebrated across different industries. User experience professionals come together around a central theme to build awareness around usability. This year’s theme is “Designing for the Future you Want.”

Allscripts is taking part by hosting brainstorming activities, hands-on experiences with new technologies that can be used to shape the future of healthcare, and presentations on how we are successfully addressing clinician burden.

Improving usability never stops

A human factors approach considers how humans interact with technology and seeks to improve HIT usability. Clinicians and human factors scientists alike recognize how taking this approach to software development can improve patient care.

In our newest issue of Next Now, “Reducing clinician burden with user-centered design,” we explore the latest thinking in HIT software usability, take a look at what experts in the field have to say about the impact of human factors, and outline how Allscripts is examining its approach to the challenges usability presents.

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