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A look into the next decade of healthcare IT

500 of our larger hospital and health systems customers gathered in Dallas recently for education sessions and demos of the latest releases of our products and solutions.

It’s always my pleasure to speak with clients. Without them, we can’t be relevant. Our culture of trusted partnerships – which we celebrate at events like the Allscripts Client Experience – guide us to build solutions important to them today and tomorrow.

From these partnerships, we have built a culture at Allscripts that prioritizes our obligation to our clients and to advancing our vision. It’s important to prioritize trusted partnerships personally and professionally.

Trust manifests itself in many ways, and among those ways are the achievements of our customers and their plans for the future. We are unified with them in our need to create things that are of long-term value to the industry.

As I spoke with them about the future of healthcare, a few predictions emerged: Healthcare will become more steeped in artificial intelligence, precision medicine, will be more mobile, and will become increasingly focused on patients as consumers.

These aren’t necessarily new concepts we’ve been highlighting them for many years. In fact, they are very much mainstream now.

To understand where we’re going, it’s instructive to understand where we’ve been, too.

When I think about the healthcare landscape, I look at what’s happened over the last 10 years. We’ve digitized the entire platform in the U.S. and many other countries. We’ve done a lot of work to advance interoperability. We have connected patients to their records. And, we are now connecting caregivers and the consumer to their DNA.

Those building blocks are extraordinarily important ones to understanding how Allscripts is going to create a completely different experience with its clients.

A coming decade of Industry disruption

Signs of this different experience I’m anticipating are coming fast. Companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook and others are coming into health with advanced understandings of what makes a great consumer experience. They’ve already figured that part out. With their capital resources and sophisticated electronic infrastructure in place, I predict companies like these will be the single largest source of disruption to every Allscripts customer and to Allscripts itself.

This wave of change is really focused on the consumer of healthcare and making healthcare a more individualized experience. Just look at what Google is building and think about the accumulation of companies that they bought quietly. What they lack now in a physical presence they will build.

The U.S. healthcare market – at $3.65 trillion in 2018 – is just too big for these companies to ignore.

How will healthcare technology change?

In addition to industry opportunities for new technologies – such as integration of life sciences all the way down to individual datasets – existing technologies will become better at what they do.

It’s very clear that the world needs a different EHR. That’s part of the work we’ve embarked upon with Northwell Health. There is a need and there is a crescendo of discontent with clinicians who say they are doing too much. They are working with a computer when instead the computer should be working with them.

The Allscripts partnership with our largest client, Northwell Health, has been a great success for the past 15 years. We are honored to continue pursuing our shared vision with such a brilliant thought leader in our industry. Northwell is truly passionate about advancing its community’s health. Side by side, we will continue to enhance Sunrise and co-develop the next generation of EHR as a new powerful solution, a tool for clinicians not only at Northwell but at other providers and for those they serve. It’s an honor to extend our partnership with Northwell and its visionary leadership.

We need to – and will – build and create a brand new EMR. That’s what we will be known for in the next decade.

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