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The importance of quality in software development

When organizations create software, key quality attributes affect the development process differently. Among the most important software quality attributes are security, usability, reliability, on-time delivery and interoperability.

Developers ask themselves important questions when considering software: “Who is the audience? How do customers use the system?” and they consider ideas like supportability, auditability and upgradability.

For users, quality means meeting their needs. For manufacturers, quality means conformance to process standards. Some key aspects of quality for the customer are good design, durability and value for money.

Today’s technology has the capacity to make a significant impact on software development moving forward. Let’s look at some disruptive technologies, like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Brain-computer interfaces are creating direct correlations between technology and the human mind. One example: AI enables patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), stroke or locked-in syndrome to work effectively without the need for keyboards, mice or monitors.

Allscripts and other electronic health record (EHR) developers today are using AI to create more intuitive interfaces and automate routine processes for users. Allscripts Virtual Assistant in SunriseTM has been created to help users document more efficiently.

Machine learning

Google developed a machine learning algorithm to identify cancerous tumors on mammograms and Stanford uses a deep learning algorithm to identify skin cancer.

Allscripts new AvenelTM EHR uses machine learning to integrate clinician treatment patterns, and provide preference reminders, supporting faster clinical documentation and more informed decision-making.

Deep learning trend

Deep learning is a subset of machine learning in which artificial neural networks adapt and learn from vast amounts of data. Healthcare organizations can more successfully perform risk scoring and stratification with deep learning techniques, enabling them to better focus on at-risk populations.

With an eye on current technology trends, process reviews, customer feedback, continuous inspection and adaptation, Allscripts develops enterprise software with a focus on quality.

For insight into how Allscripts nurtures software quality, see our whitepaper: “The importance of quality in software development.”

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