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How customer partnership fuels an effective UK deployment model

When I joined Allscripts UK four years ago, we had two trusts live with SunriseTM Acute Care: Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Their deployments received substantial support from our colleagues in the U.S. Using what we learned, we then built a team in the UK to evolve our deployment methodology and document it effectively so it could be reused by our NHS clients. We wanted to provide them with predictability before, during and after implementation.

Working in partnership

When we started work with our next UK customer — Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust — we had some valuable experience to draw upon.

That deployment was a big bang deployment and resulted in a successful go-live across the trust. Again, we learned more and Chief Information Officer Martin Farrier has been open about saying he would do some things differently if he did it again.

At last year’s ACE UK, he outlined some of the things we learned together. We have been able to take this invaluable feedback and use it to institute a continuous improvement process to help other customers.

Our deployment methodology is now more structured and we have successfully generated a UK Content Blueprint that is based on guidelines from NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence).

Our methodology provides a starter pack of content for trusts and delivers superior quality in the emergency department, maternity, nursing observations, electronic observations, inpatient tracking boards for bed state management, trust-wide documentation and some specialist services.

UK pricing and contracting

At the same time, we evolved our pricing model to employ NHS quality statements of work that are scoped clearly to make pricing more accurate. We also refined our contracting model so it is clear who is responsible for delivering what. To support that, we have scaled up our UK professional services team.

We have seen positive results from these changes. Recently, Sunrise Acute Care was deployed in London across the Princess Royal University Hospital and into the specialist paediatric liver Service at Denmark Hill.

At ACE UK this year, head of EPR Richard Yorke said the Princess Royal had not only gone live and used its electronic patient record to deliver a number of important efficiency and quality benefits, but that it is now “more digitally mature” than Denmark Hill, its bigger neighbour in the same trust.

We are still on our journey. We continue to work in collaboration with the NHS to develop our product and to refine our deployment model. We want to create a flexible blueprint that trusts can localise as they need.

Knowing what works

Our experience so far places us in a much stronger position to advise and guide trusts as they come on board as customers.

We have learned that trusts need to consider several factors when planning deployments, including:


  • The amount of change they are already consuming and how much additional change they can handle.
  • Whether their implementation teams have the depth and clinical leadership needed to scope an effective deployment and deliver on it successfully.
  • Whether they have necessary personnel at go live and beyond.

Just as we have done with our EPR deployment model for the UK, we have developed a good approach, documented it, and developed evidence-based experience that we can share with new customers who will be able to use it with confidence to deliver great results.

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