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Improving clinical information availability with automatic indexing

There’s no doubt that documentation is essential to patient care. Solutions that make that job easier are in high demand throughout our client base.

InDxLogic has been providing health information management solutions to meet this demand since 2006. With its recent integration into Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR and Allscripts Professional EHRTM, InDxLogic now easily and automatically indexes health information.

Documentation made simple

InDxLogic’s health information management (HIM) platform automatically indexes patient documents and delivers them automatically to the right patient’s chart, with the right date of service and no duplicates which significantly reduces operational costs and improves quality of care.

InDxLogic Features:

  • Using OCR (Optical Character Resolution), a Content Management System and date algorithms, the app turns static unstructured pages into actionable structured healthcare informatics
  • Automated indexing for documents with order closure and clinical data capture
  • Duplicate document detection to eliminate multiple documents to the chart
  • Management reporting tools to objectively evaluate the scanning and indexing process, document volumes, trends, document automation, document details

It’s one thing for InDxLogic to state its capabilities, but it’s incredible to hear it directly from our customer. “InDxLogic has done everything they said it would. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with their various teams to ensure our success with their product,” Dawn Buckley, RN and Chief Operating Officer at South County Internal Medicine, said.

A solution that saves time

InDxLogic’s software contributes to better patient care by reducing the turnaround time it takes to index a document into a patient’s chart. By reducing the number of clicks that come with manual entry, InDxLogic gives staff more face-to-face time to spend with patients. Improved clinical information availability, documentation quality through standardization means clinicians spend less time on paperwork and more time on what is most important: the patient.

Learn more about InDxLogic on the Allscripts Application Store. Interested clients can register to hear from a peer in a webinar on Wednesday, April 24 at 1pm ET.

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