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Why predictive analytics is the future of healthcare

For a long time, predictive analytics has been a business buzzword only practiced by the most serious of data junkies. Now it’s a necessary business tool for anyone serious about maximizing the enormous amount of data at their disposal.

Some industries (think airlines, hotels, and retail) have done a better job than others at adopting predictive analytics into their processes to drive value. Even the Wisconsin Supreme Court is using algorithms that claim to predict criminal behavior and tendencies in the sentencing phase of trials. Judges can now use data, trends, and criminal histories as a means of assessing the potential risk of offenders committing future crimes.

Isn’t it great that we can use data from the past to predict the future? I’m excited to see that healthcare is starting to move forward and take advantage of predictive analytics, especially at Allscripts.

Prioritizing predictive analysis

Allscripts is continuously exploring opportunities to put predictive analytics in the hands of clients to help them accomplish more with the data they have. Our recent strategic partnership with Opargo, a company bringing expertise from outside of healthcare to solve challenges in scheduling patients, is a core part of the Allscripts Practice Financial Platform and evidence of this important strategy.

Opargo’s schedule optimization tool is fully integrated with Allscripts Practice Management. It leverages predictive analytics to help practices run more efficiently while ensuring patients with the greatest medical need receive proper care. This typically results in reduction of empty appointment slots due to no-shows and late cancellations, increases in utilization among all providers and improvement of patient care.

How Allscripts and Opargo work together:

  1. Gather 12-24 months of historical data from a practice to understand how an organization has been operating in the past
  2. Predict what is going to happen in the future with Opargo algorithms in use
  3. Optimize appointment scheduling based on goals of the organization
  4. Provide monthly dashboards to measure progress

I’m always excited to showcase advanced technology in healthcare and provide opportunities to demonstrate how innovation can make a real difference for Allscripts clients. Predictive analytics can assist with the operations of a practice to reach everyone’s end goal – improved patient care. With Opargo, practices have an opportunity to see for themselves how using the Opargo solution can benefit their organization – so don’t just take our word for it. Find out how your practice could benefit from using this new integrated solution.

I invite you to register to join a webinar on Tuesday, March 26 to learn about an overview of the Opargo assessment and solution.

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