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A redesigned fax solution to improve patient care

If you were to ask several clinical and administrative staff to come up with two ways to describe faxing surely “necessary evil” and “a hassle” would be near the top of everyone’s list. Fax communication will likely remain a necessary evil until data interoperability standards are widely accepted and implemented consistently.

Concord Cloud Fax is hassle-free by replacing outdated fax machines and costly on-premise fax servers. The enterprise-grade cloud service is tightly integrated into our Allscripts Professional EHR™ and TouchWorks® EHR user experience.

Fax directly from the EHR

By integrating fax communications into the workflows of the EHR, there’s no need to print original documents in order to transmit them from a fax machine – and possibly expose protected health information (PHI) in the process.

Instead, users can send faxes, view their status and receive inbound transmissions directly from the EHR interface. There’s no need to launch separate client interfaces for third party systems and no new software to learn. Most importantly, PHI is transmitted digitally, confidentially and securely.

“The implementation was seamless, and it just works!” Benjamin Rosenthal, South Sunflower County Hospital Director of Information Systems.

Saves time for quality patient care

But fax technology isn’t just a hassle for end-users. Fax machines and on-premise fax servers place outsized administrative and financial burdens on IT resources. They consume time, budget and attention that are better spent on systems critical for delivering quality patient care and experiences.

What differentiates Concord Cloud Fax

1. The costs are tied to actual demand through a usage-based model, enabling organizations to only pay for what they need rather than purchasing capacity to handle spikes in volume or future growth.

 2. It removes the need to manage the security of the fax environment by securely connecting to a HIPAA and SOC2 audited cloud platform.

3. It eases the burden on in-house IT staff by having the vendor fully manage the fax solution, including escalations to phone carriers.

4. It ends delayed, missed and undelivered faxes from occurring with “SureConnect” technology. This intelligent retry algorithm dynamically re-route traffic across different combinations of equipment and carriers until faxes are delivered successfully.

5. Its data centers are configured in an Active-Active redundancy mode to operate as a single unit without the concept of failover, service delays and other limitations that come with it.

Interested in learning more on how to utilize Concord Cloud Fax? Watch this recorded webinar.

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