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3 technologies to save you money

The crisp weather is a reminder that annual budgeting and planning has started. Everyone wants to take charge of their future revenue success, and what better way than finding new ways to lower the cost of care?

New technologies allow for a quicker return on investment for ambulatory standalone practices. Allscripts and our partners offer solutions that can help lower the cost of care, including:

1. Billing Automation Maintenance (BAM!) by Allscripts, part of the functionality available in the Allscripts Practice Financial Platform, introduces new automation options to enable greater efficiency for billing teams. BAM! permits users flexibility to choose which elements to automate and includes options for financial posting, validating claims, preparing electronic claims, adjusting small balances, finance charges and/or statement processing. Users can even combine existing manual processes with automated ones to best fit their practice’s needs.

2. InDxLogic reduces the cost of operations by automating the scanning and indexing process for medical records. InDxLogic automatically scans and indexes documents into patients’ charts or a providers’ queue. As automation increases the reliance on medical record personnel decreases. Automatically indexing approximately 5,000 documents per month can save up to 1 full time equivalent indexer. No matter what the volume is, InDxLogic will allow you to repurpose personnel to more patient-facing or goal-oriented roles.

3. Relaymed automates lab workflows by connecting point-of-care devices directly to the EHR. On average, manual entry results in estimated lost test billing revenues of up to 20% as not all tests are being recorded in the EHR. Relaymed ensures no lost revenue with 100% billing of test results.

As you start to plan your budget for the following year, consider these technologies to make next year the most profitable. You can find more applications that help lower the cost of care on the Allscripts Application Store.

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