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Next-Generation solutions: yesterday, today and tomorrow

Remember the days before ePrescribing? This week I was reminded that some of our Allscripts team members not only recall those days but were part of the team that brought ePrescribing to life.

Here’s an excerpt from a note from one of our business leaders, Vice President and General Manager Donald Dorfman, to his team upon last week’s introduction of Veradigm®:

Twenty-one years ago, this Sunday on November 18, 1997, the world’s first electronic prescription was created and sent to a pharmacy using Touch Script, the first ePrescribing application, developed by Allscripts.

We have come a long way in the past 21 years. It started out with a dream of physicians dispensing medications in their offices and evolved to a world-class multi-national healthcare organization. 

We have gone from a standalone e-prescribing application using the technology of the day, to mobile connectivity, to a best-in-class, true cloud-based application and industry leader. Now with Veradigm, we’ll continue to imagine a future of growth and innovation from this small but vital part of our business.

We celebrate these milestones, and we recognize that we need to keep delivering those next-generation solutions that will help patients from the point of care to everyday life. That’s what Veradigm is all about – providing data-driven health insights and analytic solutions designed to increase efficiency and help manage the cost of healthcare.

As it is Thanksgiving week, it feels appropriate to thank all the people who have helped create the next-generation solutions of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Healthcare is better for your efforts.

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